A company that carries out a comfortable and inexpensive – reality or utopia?

A company that carries out a comfortable and inexpensive – reality or utopia?

Is it possible to find a transport company in Ukraine, which carries out the transportation of goods responsibly, comfortable, and at the same time inexpensive? Yes, you can. One of these companies is Extra-Econ. You will be pleasantly surprised by the low cost of its services and, at the same time, high level of service. That is, if you need inexpensive transportation in the capital of Ukraine (for example, transportation of furniture in Kyiv), this company will suit you.

What else are the advantages of cooperation with Extra-Econ?

one.    You can call at any time of the day – the dispatcher will certainly accept your call and answer all your questions.

2.    The company’s qualified specialists will make cargo transportation as comfortable as possible for customers. They will carefully and quickly deliver things, property, furniture, and other cargoes within Kyiv and the region.

3.    There are no insoluble tasks in their field for specialists of the company. The reason for this is their extensive experience and high qualifications.

four.    Extra-Econ collaborates only with the best carriers. Basically, these are the Gazelle brand brand. This is the fastest and most convenient way to deliver goods around the city.

5.    The company serves both private and legal entities.

6.    The main advantage of the company is an individual approach to absolutely every client.

On the possibilities of “Extra-Econ”

• Transportation of furniture in Kyiv, Kyiv region and all over Ukraine.

• apartment and office crossings, transportation of furniture to the country.

• Services are provided at any time convenient for you, including in the evening, on holidays and weekends.

• Providing movers. They will deliver furniture, gather it or disassemble, transport safe and piano without problems. The company’s movers have no bad habits, have such important qualities as punctuality and honesty.

A little about other services of the company

In addition to transportation, the company also carries out garbage collection services, as well as a cargo taxi. You can find out in detail about the tariffs of the company and about the services it provided on the site . The dispatcher by phone (044) 3327025 and (044) 5680317 will be happy to answer any questions. The company’s website indicates which mobile phones you can call the company.

In general, the company “Extra – Economy” is a company for those who are used to not spending extra money, but at the same time receive services of the highest quality

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