Advantages of bitumen tiles

Advantages of bitumen tiles

The issue of choosing roofing material, as a rule, causes many hot controversy. Some defend the advantages of metal coatings, while others are supporters of flexible tiles.

Flexible tiles: all the pros and cons

When buying a building material for the flooring of the roof, its price is far from the last value. By the way, from an economic point of view, the cost of a metal sheet is noticeably lower than the price of the set for the installation of flexible tiles. Perhaps this is her only drawback.

Laying, maintenance, durability – all the advantages of this modern roofing material cannot be counted! We list only the key advantages of flexible or bitumen, as it is often called, tiles:

Guaranteed service life – more than 30 years;

high aesthetic qualities;

resistance to sunlight;

Flexible tiles are not subject to rot and infection with mold;

Fire safety;

small weight;

increased levels of noise and moisture resistance;

the compactness of the material during transportation and storage;

Variability of climatic performance.

The process of laying flexible (bitumen) tiles

Despite the fact that the process of laying flexible tiles consists of only six to seven stages, ROOF-MS specialists strongly recommend entering it to professionals.

So where to start? Prepare the base on which you will subsequently lay bitumen sheets. For its device, both plywood and board are suitable (maximum thickness 12 … 30 mm).

Next, take care of the installation of the ventilation hatch, fix the substrate and install the cornice and frontal strips. As soon as the preparation of the apple carpet is completed, they start laying flexible tiles. All places of adjoining are covered with metal elements.

Tiles’ manufacturers: trust, but check

To date, among Russian manufacturers, flexible or bitumen tiles, the leader is considered to be the leader of the factory “Factory Shinglass”. This is a joint venture, the co -founders of which is both the Russian side and the European company Chova (Spain).

Since the production of bitumen tiles is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation, the products of the “Shinglass plant” have all the necessary certificates and other permits.

The quality of the Russian and close foreign tiles supplied to the Russian market is controlled by Lithuanian and Spanish experts.

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