Advantages of stretch ceilings from PVC film

Advantages of stretch ceilings from PVC film

Recently seamless stretch ceilings at the peak of popularity. What is the interest of buyers? The fact is that stretch structures are not only a modern and creative solution for the interior, they also have excellent operational qualities. You can evaluate the advantages of ceiling coatings from the PVC film at the installation stage.

one. Leadership in the group of ceiling coatings provides quick installation. Four hours will need professionals to install a stretch ceiling with an area of ​​18-20 square meters. m. You will not have to pack furniture and remove the carpets – installation work on installing the tension structure of the threat to the interior does not pose. No construction debris, dust and dirt.

2. Gloss is not just fashionable, but also profitable! This conclusion was made by the owners of suspended ceilings with a glossy texture. The shiny surface doubles natural light, and the abundance of light visually increases the room. That is why stretch ceilings are a real find for close and dark rooms. The wealth of the color scheme of the PVC film opens up wide opportunities for choosing. And photo printing allows you to create truly exclusive views – paint on the surface of the PVC film lies perfectly.

3. Protect property from damage, in the event of leaks from above, stretch ceilings will also help. Another advantage of stretch structures is water resistance, more precisely, absolute water resistance. PVC film is very thin, but very strong. It is able to withstand the load up to 100 liters of water per 1 sq. m. In case of flooding, you only have to call the company’s service team. Installers will drain the water, partially dismantling the ceiling, after which the tension coating will acquire the original appearance.

four. Fire properties of suspended ceilings provide materials involved in production. PVC film does not burn and does not ignite. Therefore, stretch ceilings are recommended for rooms where it is necessary to maintain a high level of protection against fires.

5. Basic ceiling defects are not a problem when installing a stretch structure. Wires, pipes, alarm, ventilation, sound layers and thermal insulation – everything will be reliably hidden under the vault of the stretch ceiling.

6. Durability is another important trump card of a fashionable ceiling coating. The tension structure will last at least 50 years. During this time, the external data of your ceiling will not change. The color and tension of the canvas will remain the same. Today, companies installing suspended ceilings give a guarantee for operation from 5 to 10 years.

7. Materials used for suspended ceilings have exceptional ductility. This property allows you to create not only even coatings, but also form complex ceiling structures: arches, arches, multi -level ceilings, tents.

eight. You can dismantle stretch structures at any time, which distinguishes them from suspended ceilings. In the case of repeated installation, the film again acquires a original appearance and properties.

9. Stretch ceilings do not require complex care, dust on the surface does not accumulate and do not need periodic repairs. To restore the glossy surface of the ceiling, it is enough to wipe its surface with a dry cloth. With more serious pollution, it is better to use a soap solution or liquid for cleaning the glass, after which the ceiling must be thoroughly wiped off.

ten. Improving heat and sound insulation in the room where they are installed, another merit of stretch structures. This is possible thanks to the air gap between the inner surface of the stretch ceiling and the ceiling panel. Neither the noise of repairs, nor loud music will be able to cause you big inconvenience.

The new word in the world of stretch ceiling systems – the “Cold Stretch” technology – suggests the use of films stretching without heating. So far, the invention is at the finalization stage. However, the times are not far off when the installation of stretch structures will take place without the participation of gas equipment.

Excellent quality of suspended ceilings is guaranteed by film manufacturers: Pongs (Germany), CTN (France), Alkor (Holland), Malpensa (Italy), Renolit (Germany). But with Chinese -made products, it is better to be careful. Why? So you can avoid unnecessary risks and unjustified costs. The product “Made in China” does not guarantee the above advantages.

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