Balenciaga bags: advantages and types, popular models

Balenciaga bags: advantages and types, popular models

One of the most famous design houses is Balenciaga. It is currently experiencing a revival and a new rise, delighting fans with avant-garde, unusual models. You can buy Gucci, Balenciaga luxury bags to stand out from the crowd, show your capabilities and achieved success in life.


The products are unique, created in small batches and are incredibly expensive. To exclude counterfeits, each bag is assigned its own unique number and is supplied with a passport. A plate is fixed inside, often it is metal with engraved data on a specific product.

Such bags are created by hand by experienced sewing masters, where every stitch is perfect. Specially treated leather is used as raw material. It is soft, brings a pleasant tactile sensation, and is very resistant to external influences. The lining is made of high-quality fabric with similar characteristics. Metal fittings, locks and other details are also examples of perfection. We offer for purchase Luxuriöse Handtaschen und Accessoires, which fully comply with the most stringent requirements for haute couture products.

In addition to the beauty and ergonomics of Balenciaga bags, it is worth highlighting their originality, which often turns into shockingness. It is impossible not to notice their owners, not to pay attention to them.


Balenciaga produces the same types of bags as Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. It is worth highlighting the following options:

  1. Universal bags, also called totes. In 2001, the Motorcycle model was released, which over time became legendary.
  2. Clutches from the designer house are distinguished by their sophistication, bright style, and have chains for wearing on the shoulder. It is more of a piece of art than a container for other products.
  3. Shoppers have a large capacity and have an open top. Balenciaga’s Bazar model stands out. It reproduces the motifs of a Thai market bag, has a square shape and a pattern of wide bright stripes.
  4. It is worth noting that designers do not stick to certain types of bags. Thus, a model was released that directly connected the bag and the glove. It is put on the hand and the container for placing objects is carried at hand.

There are many unique products that are the only representative in this field, forming their own type of fashion accessory.

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