Bulk floors, the basis of the manufacture of which is a special technology, is not as whimsical as parquet floor or laminate coating. But to preserve the original type and maintain a long service life, they also need to care.

Initially, when the installation of bulk floors is installed, special mastic is applied to the polymer coating, which forms a special protective film on the floor surface. A polishing agent based on epoxy varnish, applied to the floor in two layers. Subsequently, such a procedure is carried out manually, once every six months.

This will further avoid the appearance of scratches, cracks, roughnesses. Pollution will be easily removed, and the floors will retain the original view for many years.

A bulk floor, made in compliance with the correct technology, has a glossy look. Liquid floors without joints, pores, seams have dust and dirt-repellent properties. And the correctly applied gloss can be damaged only by applying a large mechanical effort. Therefore, when cleaning, you can use vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, brushes.

Paul based on polymer coatings is not at all afraid of moisture, cleaning chemical fluids, hot steam, as it is protected by epoxy varnish. It has good hygienic and water -repellent properties, it is very easy to wash and wipe it to a dry state, so as not to leave stains or stains. Chemicals that can be used for periodic disinfection of the floor do not affect the quality of the coating.

Randomly spilled hard -made liquids (green, vacation, ink and others) on a polymer floor, require timely removal using alcohol -containing liquids or special solvents. Otherwise, after the spots drying out, the floor may lose its attractive original appearance.

It is recommended to clean the floor with either steam mop or washing vacuum cleaners, if there are no one, then you can wash with wet rags. The brilliant gloss at the same time will not be damaged at all, does not swell and will not peel off. Neither dirt nor sand that can be easily removed from the surface with a vacuum cleaner or a broom stick to the bulk floors.

One condition that should be observed is not to move the furniture and very heavy items dragging on the floor. This can leave deep scratches, which later will have to be restored. Observing such simple recommendations for the care of decorative bulk floors, you can achieve their durability.

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