Ceiling. Alignment of the ceiling using building mixtures

Ceiling. Alignment of the ceiling using building mixtures

Each of us dreams of building a house for our family, it is especially nice to do it with your own hands. Let’s look at such an important detail of the repair as aligning the ceiling.

You decided to align the ceiling? Where to begin? If you are new in this case, it is important to realize that the work has to be dirty, long and rather difficult. Who to contact for help??? You can try it yourself – the method of trial and error, they can tell you – they can tell you, but it is better to contact professionals, very useful information about the construction of the house (and not only … – the arrangement of the site, construction of a bathhouse, etc.D.) with your own hands can be found on the site: Stroimsvoidom.

First you need to decide what material the ceiling will be aligned with, you can use drywall or building mixtures. Starting to align the ceiling, it is important to determine the skew of the ceiling, to the flat surface. The level is usually used for this operation, even better if it is a laser level. If it is relatively small, is 1-2 cm, then you can align the ceiling with the help of building mixtures, such as Rodband, putty, plaster, etc.

It is necessary to clean the ceiling from the remnants of the previous coating, as they say – “to zero”. We remove the whitewashing, paint, glue from the wallpaper with a spatula, after which the ceiling should be thoroughly washed. The dried surface of the ceiling is very carefully treated with a primer. After the primer, the most difficult and responsible work begins, the ceiling alignment with building mixtures begins. Dry mixture “Rodband” is ideal for aligning potholes and cracks.

We perform the putty of the ceiling with a mixture of LR putty, this mixture is quickly and easy to prepare. How to put putty? Using a spatula is 15-20 cm long, or more, smooth and uniform movements of the spatula, apply putty to the ceiling. The thickness of the putty depends on the irregularities that need to be hidden, usually ranges from 1 to 3 mm. After this procedure, let putty dry, up to about 10 hours. The thicker the layer of putty, the longer it will dry.

Next, the ceiling alignment begins using a construction skin, you need to walk around the ceiling and destroy all possible flaws and irregularities. When this procedure is over, you can proceed to the finish putty, and after it you can start painting or whitening the ceiling.

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