Cheap fireplane for a summer residence

Cheap fireplane for a summer residence

Installing a small fireplace in your cottage is an excellent option to make inexpensive heating. Such a fireplace will allow not only to receive heat, but also it is pleasant to spend time near it during a visit to the cottage. In any case, it is most difficult to make a choice due to a huge assortment of models for every taste and financial capabilities.

Classic fireplace

If you have a small summer cottage in which you only sometimes visit in winter or late autumn, then in this case you should not dwell on a traditional brick fireplaces. Because it requires the preparation of the concrete base, walls, a chimney and much more to install the preparation. It is best to lay this type of fireplace during the construction of the cottage, then it will be possible to prepare a separate base in advance, choose the right place and walls. But in a finished house it will be extremely difficult. In this case, for a giving, an inexpensive fireplace can not do.

Another option that is much more suitable for a summer residence is the purchase of a finished fireplane fireplace from cast iron. This is the main part of the fireplace in which the firebox occurs, to improve the appearance, it is installed in a special body of brick or other materials that withstand high temperature. This option is not suitable for large winter cottages as the main heating element. The fireplace furnace can be used either an additional or for a slight increase in temperature in small summer houses.

Kamin stove

Today, it is absolutely not necessary to spend a lot of time and money on the laying of a thorough furnace for which you need a foundation, because there is a significant assortment of a wide variety of firewood fireplaces on sale, they can be installed on the floor and have their own light chimney system. They have a modern design and give enough heat to maintain temperature in the country.

Another very simple and cheap option that is suitable for apartments and cottages will be installed an electric fireplace, it does not require any reason and chimneys at all. If desired, it can be beautifully designed in the form of traditional and used to maintain temperature. The main advantage of such models is the low cost and ease of installation. Having visited the fireplaces of fireplaces, you can quickly choose the right model in all respects and install it in your cottage yourself.

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