Children’s room design for girls

Children’s room design for girls

Creation of interior design of a children’s room is a fascinating process. Each of us tries to create maximum comfort and comfort for our child. Consider options for designing a children’s room for a girl, given all age -related features.

Typically, for girls, light, delicate shades are preferably chosen, while taking into account the taste, age, interests and preferences of the child.

The age characteristics of the interior

Of course, the interior of the room will differ depending on the age of the girl:

– From birth to school age;

– From 7 to 13 years;

– Adolescence 13 – 17 years.

From birth to school age

For young girls, you can choose any interior, with fairy -tale characters, reminiscent of a princess castle.

Given the features of this age, it is worth distinguishing the space on the sleeping and gaming zone. The room should harmoniously combine cabinets for toys and books, a bed and a table for creativity. All this can be performed in the form of a fairy -tale lock, or a flower lawn, Barbie house, realize the most interesting fantasies. Curtains should also correspond to this topic.

From 7 to 13 years old

For girls, this age, it is worth taking into account the interests of the child himself. The best option would be if the girl herself tells what she sees her room.

The style of the room for this age should be sustained in more calm and bright colors, without bright prints. Wallpaper without drawing or with geometric patterns are allowed. Curtains should also be sustained in a calm ordinary style.

At the age of 7, the child goes to school, so you need to purchase the appropriate children’s furniture for the girl and arrange the work area in which there will be enough light.

Adolescence 13 – 17 years

Usually at this age, girls want to participate in the development of the design of their room. Sometimes their wishes are very extraordinary, try to take into account wishes and know how to convince.

Characteristic features of a room for a teenager girl:

– For this age, more free space should be organized.

– The design should use simple forms of objects that should be very functional. – The room should have a shelf on which you can fold all the cosmetics and different bottles, it is advisable to immediately make a toilet table if the space of the room allows.

– Everything should be harmoniously combined to create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort.

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