Choosing a gazebo design for a suburban site

Choosing a gazebo design for a suburban site

The gazebo is considered an important element in the summer or suburban area, since it gives beauty and sophistication to the landscape, adds amenities. You can relax in the gazebo, arrange breakfast, romantic evenings, parties for a fun company.

In shape, the gazebo can be round, triangular, square, rectangular and any other. In addition, the gazebo can be closed, half -closed, completely open:

– Closed are glazed gazebos, having the form of a small house. Most often they are built from concrete or wood and insulated.

– Completely open structures are suitable for use in summer, during calm, dry weather. Here it will be possible to feel surrounded by nature, breathe fresh air, forget about the tightness of a closed room. So that they protect not only from direct sunlight, but also insects, mosquito nets are installed on the open side parts of the gazebo.

– To build a gazebo that allows you to feel comfortable even in windy or rainy weather, you can build a summer half -open gazebo.

Regardless of where the gazebo is established, in the depths of the garden or near the house, it is better to lay out the path to it. This will not only transform the general view, but also avoid the need to go into it through mud in rainy weather. To perform the path, depending on the landscape design, choose a stone, gravel, paving slabs, others.

There is a wide variety of designs of this type. At the same time, depending on your capabilities, you can try to make a gazebo with your own hands or buy ready -made for every taste: from any material, any size, shape and structure.

Which building materials to choose

For the construction of the gazebo, natural wood, forged iron, brick, artificial and natural stone, concrete are suitable. Each of the materials has its own advantages, so the choice depends more on the design of the house, as well as on the taste and financial capabilities of the owners.

– Structures made of brick, concrete, stone are considered relevant. They are durable, resistant to environmental influences.

– Temporary collapsible structures are often installed from plastic that does not require the preparation of the foundation. The main advantages of plastic are resistance to moisture, decay, the lack of the need to perform their coloring.

– Wooden arbors are the most common and most practical. A tree, as a natural material, easily fits into the exterior, gives it an atmosphere of comfort and comfort. Due to the fact that the tree lends itself well to processing, it is possible to solve any design ideas with it. It is better to use wood treated with a protective antiseptic that prevents the process of decay that creates protection against insects.

– You can also install a gazebo made of several materials. For example, from forged metal and brick or stone. Such products will be distinguished by strength, functionality, artistic expressiveness.

The roof for the gazebo

The roof of the gazebo is performed by various shapes, the main thing is that at the same time it advantageously complements the entire structure. It can be flat, concave (suitable for the Chinese style), classical, consisting of triangles fastened at one point, dome -shaped. In addition to the form, the materials used to perform it can differ. For a gazebo made of wood, a wooden coating is more suitable for the roof. The roof of a fairly impressive building made of stone, brick, combined materials can be covered with clay tiles, polycarbonate. For a decorative roof of a summer open gazebo, you can use rails, lattices on which plants can curl.

Do you need gender in the gazebo

Gazebos may not have a floor and be installed right on the ground. But more often preference is given to structures with a floor of wood, concrete, paving slabs. It is better to lift the wooden floor and lay a roofing roof roofing roof or any other moisture -proof layer under it. But the best option is when a point foundation is collected under the gazebo. To do this, before the construction of the arbors in the angles in the ground at a depth of 0.5-1 m, points are made of meek concrete piles laid out of brick columns or waterproofing wooden supports. Such caps of points will allow you to extend the service life of the gazebo, avoid decay of wood, lustering with mold, washing water during rain, melting snow.

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