Choosing a metal front door

Choosing a metal front door

Choosing and installing a new front door is not a simple matter. You must take this issue with all seriously. The main thing is to foresee all the nuances:

– the size of the future door (if possible, then set the design of a normal size, since in the future you will need to carry a refrigerator through it, take out furniture or piano);

– material (pay attention only to high -quality material or door coating, since over time your finish may become unusable) it should emphasize your style and individuality;

– reliability (first of all, it should be reliable as a stone wall, you must sleep calmly and not worry that your door will be hacked);

– insulation (this is an important point, especially if in your region there are very severe frosts);

– weight (do not choose the product of too small weight, this is not reliable).

Before buying metal entrance doors, you need to consult with the seller in the store. Find out if your doorway can withstand a particular structure, if not, then how can you strengthen it. Consider the fact that the larger the product is equipped with additional elements, handle locks, etc.D that is heavier. The approximate minimum weight of the product is fifty kilograms, with a metal insert two millimeters thick.

For insulation of the front door, baths are usually used (it is the most inexpensive and rather warm material), macroplex, mineral wool, foam rubber.

Consider the following points also:

– It is necessary to expand the doorway or not;

– how is the dismantling of the old door;

– how the installation of a new product will occur;

– how and from what material the door frame is made (profile, corner, pipe);

– Consider also that it can be deformed over time;

– Choose a good seal;

– Put a good door lock and expensive accessories.

Before making a purchase, specify which lock attaches to this product. If domestic production, do not take, they have a low degree of protection it is better to replace it with others. See what keys the castle has, whether you will have a given kit or you need to order an additional kit.

Pay attention to the fittings of the eye, handles, chains, valves. It will be convenient for you to use them or not, and whether they will fit under your design.

And remember that your door is the individuality of your apartment, do not save, but better put a good, quality product at once.

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