Circuits with magnetic cutting on current – excavator

Circuits with magnetic cutting on current – excavator

Magnetic cutting schemes on current

Under these conditions, the closure of the KKP6 will cause the contactor 2P, which with its contacts will display the additional resistances of the WSDP and 4 SDP from the engine winding circuit and the nominal value of their magnetic flux will be established. Since the contacts of the KKP2 and KKP5 (ZP) in this position are opened, setting the windings of the MUP1-1 and MUP2-1 are included in parallel through the same resistances of 4 SUP and 5 SUP and form the current winding of the two-stroke amplifier, similarly to any of the above schemes.

This winding with the contact of the KKPZ is connected to the left shoulder of the ZSUP potentiometer, the voltage to which is supplied with contacts 1P. In this case, the assigning winding creates N. C, the direction of which corresponds to the operation of the drive to rise. Since contact of the TOKA is opened in the current feedback unit, the winding of the municipalum1-3 and municipal power plants and MUP2-3 are also included symmetrically, forming a conventional current winding of a two-stroke magnetic amplifier.

This winding provides continuous negative feedback on the anchor current. Finally, since the valve of the RA in the relay circuit 1RN, when working on the rise, locks this circuit, the 1RN contact in the voltage feedback node is opened and the winding formed by the consistent inclusion of the windings of the municipalum and municipalum2-4 carries out severe negative feedback on the voltage of the voltage generator.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that on the main characteristic of the drive, the circuit has no differences from the circuit with a magnetic cutting along the current and linear continuous connection by voltage. The required filling of the excavator characteristic here is ensured by the non -linearity of the characteristics of the amplifier, which in the idle mode works in deep saturation mode. The required speed of the ideal idle drive is ensured by the corresponding value of the generator excitation current in the saturation of the magnetic amplifier, and the required value of the lock current is the choice of the current feedback coefficient and the corresponding value to the value of. With.



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