Comparison of water from the well and water supply

Comparison of water from the well and water supply

Undoubtedly, consuming water from the water supply network, we have the right to calculate that this is pure water. Of course, there may be a slight taste in the water, and a barely distinguishable smell due to the addition of chlorine dioxide used for disinfection. Operational costs are also of great importance – because we have to pay for each used cubic meter of water, which for a large family represents a serious load on the budget.

Comparison of water

We do not experience all these shortcomings if we operate our own water source. The main expenses are primarily associated with the construction of the well, but they are less than the cost of connecting to the water supply network. Additional costs should also be attributed to the electrical energy consumed for the operation of the pump.

Their own well or well have the advantage that the water obtained from them does not smell of chlorine. However, it is necessary to be prepared, that in some cases it may require its cleaning. And then the costs of the purchase of filters must be added to the costs of expenses.

An ideal option would be the opportunity to use water from the water supply for economic purposes and for watering the garden, and use clean water from the well for drinking and cooking. The land owner has the right to use groundwater on his site. A well or a well should be located in such a place that the requirements of the distance to other objects are maintained by the rules.

Place on the site

To reduce the danger of groundwater pollution, these rules accurately determine the minimum distances from wells to tanks for wastewater and buildings. Wells and wells should be located no closer than 5 meters from the border of the land plot.

Place for the device of the well

Finding a good place for a well is best entrusted to a professional. Shallow water can be easily contaminated. In turn, a deeply laying an advantage, as a rule, is characterized by a high content: iron or ammonia. Therefore, before starting to build a well or drill a well, you need to know the ground conditions for finding water.

The depth of water

Moreover, the type of well will depend on the depths of the water. The presence of water located on your site, and expected by its quality can be professionally judged by geologists familiar with the features of this area.

The masters who have already performed the drilling and arrangement of wells and wells in your area know a lot about this. Before using water from your own source, it is necessary to study its composition. It is best to entrust such a study of the local sanitary and epidemiological station.

Digging wells for water

Digging wells are used to die water from shallow water layers, located several meters underground. It is convenient to arrange such wells from concrete rings with a diameter of about a meter located on the other, lowered to the depths of the aquifer. It is very important that the compounds between the concrete rings are sealed.

Water lifting

The rise of water from a depth of several tens of meters is best carried out by a pump. Such wells can be made independently. For water collection from those located at a depth of several tens of meters of water layers, drill wells, called deep. In this case, to carry out work on the installation of such a well, there is a need to use professional equipment and attract specialists.

Drilling deep -sea wells

Such equipment is located in professional companies. Deep -sea wells consist of segments of pipes with a diameter of 0.1 m, ending with a filter that reach a aquifer. In this case, submersible pumps are used.

Another type of well – Abyssinian wells that use water located at a depth of about eight to ten meters. The well consists of a pipe with a diameter of 25-50 mm, at the end of which there is a filter that protects the well from small sand hit. Such wells are ideal for sandy areas.

Methods of fence and water supply

For the intake of water from the well under the corresponding pressure and in the right amount, the pump serves. The design uses self -consuming pumps. It is better to entrust the installation of Abyssinian wells to specialists.

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