Concrete coating: repairs of cracks in the concrete floor

Concrete coating: repairs of cracks in the concrete floor

The concrete coating is used in all kinds of places: on highways, in the floors of residential premises, construction workshops, etc. P. The concrete coating is recognized as the most durable and high -quality. However, concrete coating can be covered with cracks, due to which even greater problems arise.

First, it is important to determine the cause of cracks. It can be:

– incorrect laying laying;

– large temperature changes;

– The age of the flooring (after 20 years since laying).

The repair of the concrete floor should begin with determining the scale of the deformation, then find out the cause of the cracks, and finally, after the repair, solve it. They usually distinguish between small and large cracks, and the methods of repairing both species vary among themselves, since repair of small cracks is much easier, and takes a little time.

Repair of large cracks in the concrete floor should be carried out as follows.

With the help of a circular saw with a diamond disk on concrete, cuts should be made along a crack on both sides. Sprinkled should be done as deeply as possible to completely remove the damaged concrete, but if this cannot be done, then you need to remove it to the maximum. In order to observe safety precautions, you must have a respirator, protective glasses and work gloves.

With the help of a chisel and a hammer, you need to remove the pieces of concrete in the cut.

After removing the pieces of concrete, it is necessary to remove the dust and small particles of concrete from the strobe.

Then it is desirable to primer the surface of the concrete flooring in the places of cracking. Grunning provides a high degree of reliability and quality of adhesion of the old concrete floor and filler. Grunning is performed using special compositions, for example, it can be an acrylic primer. Also, the composition for the primer primer can be prepared independently at home. To do this, you need to mix water and ordinary PVA glue in the ratio of five to one.

To close up cracks, you will need a pointed trowel.

Before pouring the solution into the curtain, it must be moistened with water for a better adhesion of the solution with concrete. The solution is laid using a spatula and is thoroughly compacted in the stroke.

The solution is laid down a little with top. Further, with the help of a half terry, you can wipe the stroke, comparing it with the surface of the concrete floor. Then you need to remove the excess solution.

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