CT-15 electrodes, their features, use in construction

CT-15 electrodes, their features, use in construction

During the construction of buildings, a variety of methods of erecting structures are used. One of these is welding, with its help you can create the necessary metal structures for construction, which today are used everywhere, for example, when building bridges, during the construction of roads, tracks, when arranging the sewer system, when creating supporting structures, various frames , celebrations of houses and t.P.

Of course, the welding process cannot be imagined without electrodes for welding stainless steels, the choice of which in the modern construction market is striking in its diversity. However, “not all electrodes are equally useful”, since among them are quite often there are poor -quality. In order not to lose, it is best to use products that have proven itself exclusively on the positive side. Such products are produced by Special Electrod.

All electrodes through the stainless steel of this company are an excellent combination of low price, excellent quality and reliability. This is what contributes to the fact that almost all firms engaged in the construction and construction of metal structures use the electrodes of this company.

The range of products of the famous company “Special Electrod” includes a wide variety of electrodes. However, we will dwell on the CT-15 more. So, the CT-15 is modern electrodes with the main coating, which are designed for manual arc welding of austenitic steels of various brands, as well as for welding stainless steels and various chromium-nickel metals.

Note that the use of these electrodes is rationally in the case, at the seam, strict requirements are imposed on the seam. The electrodes of the CT-15 allow welding metals in all positions: vertically (except for the direction down), horizontally, etc.P.

If we talk about technical characteristics, it can be noted that these stainless steel electrodes have a wire rod that meets all the requirements of GOST.

The company “Special Electrod” offers you CT-15 diameters 3, 4 and 5 mm. On average per 1 kg. Metal is spent approximately 1.7 kg of electrodes. As a result of numerous tests, it was revealed that the seam of the welded metals is resistant to inter -qurystalline corrosion, however, there should be no provoking vacation.

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