Detailed instructions for installing metal -plastic windows, in order to save

Detailed instructions for installing metal -plastic windows, in order to save

Today, with metal -plastic windows, no one will surprise anyone, everyone knows that they are extremely expensive, similarly harmful, but in turn practical, and save a lot of heat. How to save when replacing old windows, with m/t, this issue disturbs almost everyone who has encountered this problem!

Consider the issue of saving on installation, this is not such a difficult process as it might seem. Naturally, before the residual decision to change and order plastic windows cheaply, you will need an hour, or maybe two for weeding more expensive competing firms. After choosing and making the order of the product, it is not necessary to choose the installation service, since the cost of installation is 10-15% of the total order and this is not the limit. Installers performed by their work can still twist something from you, referring to bad walls (they had to spend more anchors than it is necessary), on large holes between the profile and the wall or under the windowsill (excessive foam), and there are many such reasons. For an independent installation, you will need: a perforator, level, screwdriver, hammer, mount, an electrician or a metal saw for cutting a window sill and an ebb (you can lease or lend you, you probably have such ones), look at the expenditure and quality of blowing, anchor plates dowels (6*60) and screws (3.5*70), for attaching the structure itself, window sill and tide (buy in any construction store). Before you start installation, you need to prepare the room. Mobile furniture to remove another room, carpets and rifs, it is also better to remove, hang a wet sheet or blanket on the door or doorway. Massive furniture is isolated from dust using a painting tape and a construction film (we act extremely neatly, so that there were no breakthroughs).

We dismantle the old window with the help of the jigsaw and mount, after removing the wings, we cut the box anywhere, as our own accuracy, we break it out. The opening is necessarily cleaned of dirt and dust, moisten all the contact walls with water.

At our own discretion, we tear off the transport tape from the structure, I advise you to remove it from the side of the street immediately (with prolonged exposure to the sunlight, the tape “bothers” to the plastic), from the middle of the day you can remove after decoration of the slopes. Pre-remove the sash: click on the upper loop on the stem (dropped by 1-3 mm), pull the loops from the bottom of the stem (to the click), we insert the window handle from the kit for the fittings on the sash and turn it, til up and raise it to ourselves and raise it up (to relieve installation). We fasten the anchor plates along the entire perimeter m/n of the structure (2 on the deaf side, retreat 15-25 cm from the corners, 3 to the side with a sash, and one to the top). We put the design in the opening, fasten the top in the adjusting opening of the anchor plate (you will need a punch, dowel, hammer). We put the horizon in the “zero” using the level and wooden wedges (we lean the flush the lower edge of the level to the lower edge of the profile, but not to the front, the window sill will rest there), then set the vertical in a similar way, we begin to fix it from the point that adjacent to the quarter as possible to the quarter the opening (then we fasten all the others in a circle, periodically checking the level). We blow out all the cracks with foam, but not on the scope of the way the foam increases in volume when hardening (it is better to finish it off later).

The windowsill (pre -trimmed) is similarly put on wooden wedges (you can on a cement mortar), observing that there is no gap between the profile and the windowsill, we do not make a large slope into the room (for draining the water that hit the water), we blow out everything with foam and put on top any load to avoid deformation. We cut the tide and fasten it from the back to the window sill (through the standing profile through the screwdriver and screws (35*70)). We hang the sash in the reverse order since they removed.

The entire window is installed, it is advisable not to touch it for a day (you must give the foam well).The article was written with support – company "Light windows" – Production and installation of high -quality plastic windows in Moscow for home and cottage, as well as glazing of balconies and loggias. Quality guarantees and durability.

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