Dezhiti to the student? Scho is painfully: a gurtelot submarine?

Dezhiti to the student? Scho is painfully: a gurtelot submarine?

By sending a child to Moscow, many parents are quite the only question: where to live a child: in a hostel or in a rented apartment. Zvikhi, the solution of this issue is quite individually and largely depends on the financial situation of the family. Comfortable living conditions are said in favor of a rented apartment, but you need to be prepared for high costs, as well as in the likelihood that the student can be evicted simply at the request of the owner of the apartment. This is a common occurrence, especially in the capital.

Most parents think that the living conditions in hostels are far from ideal. At the first glance, this decision has exceptionally negative moments: numerous neighbors, noise, dirt, constant negative influence that will interfere with the educational process. Zvidi is in this description there is a share of truth, but one should also forget that student life is one of the main stages of the formation of a person’s personality. Only in a hostel, a student will be able to rotate in his circles, get used to the fact that not everything is easy to provide and ensure order and peace it is necessary independently, and not hoping for help and support from the parents.

Zvidly, the choice of the hostel is of great importance here. You can find the best option by turning to the leadership of the university, this approach will not only quickly solve the problem, but also get the opportunity to live in the capital for free. Budget housing is provided to several categories of students, to learn about how the child is suitable for presented parameters.

But even the usual hostel for students Moscow in this case offers a lot of options, also quite profitable in financial terms. According to statistics, renting a one-room apartment in the capital will cost an average of 30 thousand rubles a month, rental of the room is much cheaper-12-15 tysyach. A hostel involves a purely symbolic fee, especially if it is a housing at a university.

The advantages of such public housing can also be that universities have peculiar student towns, so it will take no more than an hour on the road from the place of residence to the audience. In this case, it will be possible to exclude traffic jams, some troubles on the roads and so on.

In order to find the dormitory of Moscow inexpensively, you will need to make some efforts. This is especially true for the summer season, when most of the students are in active home search.

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