DIY heating in the house: problems of choice, installation

DIY heating in the house: problems of choice, installation

For many summer cottages, rural areas of Russia, the organization of simple air heating is beneficial with a stove. In non -distributed areas, the selection of a furnace for ordinary residents is limited to liquid fuel boilers, wood stoves. Electric heating is too expensive, regular delivery, storage of diesel fuel are not always available. For many Russian regions, firewood relate to affordable, cheap or free types of fuel.

Choosing the type of furnace

To put a traditional “Russian” furnace, more modest in size of a brick structure, it is necessary to own the profession of a mason. There are practically no real masters-stoves in Russia. Amateur masonry with multiple alterations is hardly rational, you should not trust the materials of the Internet about its simplicity. The main complexity is not the body of the furnace (for which there are sketch schemes), but the masonry of the chimney.

It is much easier to arrange stove heating with your own hands using the finished metal furnace of the factory manufacturing. The compact structure of the metal furnace, unlike brick, does not need the foundation, variable at the installation site, can be used multifunctionally (for heating, cooking).

Choosing a metal stove model

When choosing a model of a metal furnace on the Internet, the proposals of domestic manufacturers attract attention. Russian companies make their own improvements in the design of furnaces, offer affordable prices.

The choice of hundreds of models must be based on the cost, purpose of using the furnace, the size of the heated room. Experienced users prefer convection type heating and welding stoves. Heated area belongs to the main parameters of the furnace, is always indicated in the technical characteristics.

Injectors increasing the efficiency, dual casers of the burning, gas generator devices are used in structures of heating units of prolonged burning. Such stoves on one fuel bookmark operate until twelve hours. Aesthetic models with cast -iron fireplaces, supplemented by heat -resistant glass.

Independent installation of furnace heating

When choosing, installation, you need to take into account the main problems and features of the furnace heating: fire hazard, the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, insufficient furnace power.

When buying a full mounting kit, independent installation of furnace heating is not particularly difficult for a skilled home master, which includes most Russian dacha owners, private houses.

An approximate installation circuit is attached to the mounting kit, which must be adhered to in the fundamental points. Choosing a place of installation, which is usually in the corner, in the middle of the outer wall (convenient for the chimney), you need to leave the mandatory clearances between the furnace body and flammable surfaces.

Paul under the stove, the wall behind it (two walls with an angular location) must be secured. For this, metal sheets are used, which are supplemented from the inside with basalt, asbestos cardboard. You can fix them with self -tapping screws (for wooden bases), dowels (for brick walls). No less effective is the ceramic insulation of the wall.

In fire, the places of passage of the chimney through the ceiling, the roof of the house are dangerous. Domestic manufacturers of furnace equipment, when selling a metal furnace, supply a full set of heating installation, including a chimneys, an umbrella for a chimney, a complete set of mounting brackets, fasteners.

For joints of the chimney in this kit, ceiling cutting, roofing unit are intended. In the absence of such devices, you can make a home -made bandage from segments of a metal pipe filled with asbestos, mineral wool. The furnace must be installed on a stable base, strictly horizontally.

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