Double washbasin – Solution for a large family

Double washbasin – Solution for a large family

For most ordinary Russian families, the morning becomes a real battle for a place near the washbasin. Everyone needs to have time to put themselves in order before work, study, or other ways about their own business. Everyone is trying to be in time, someone gets up early to be the first, someone needs to wait for their turn.

It is for these cases that dual washbasins were developed by plumbing manufacturers, they consist of two identical bowls interconnected. They are called double or double shells.

Some manufacturers produce expanded shells, which are equipped with two separate mixers, with two or with one drain. If you install two shells or with a double drain, then you will need to fail an additional sewer system. This is extremely uncomfortable.

Delted washbasins do not belong to the luxury class. They are practical and made from the simplest material. More often it is plumbing faience or porcelain. For the production of double shells, marble, glass or wood are not used, the price of double washbasins is not high, they can be purchased in any universal store for mass consumption.

Even for a small family, installing such a washbasin is quite justified. This is very convenient, and practical, when using an individual washbasin, you solve several family problems at once. Perhaps soon this will enter the usual norm of life, as well as personal hygiene products.

You can install a double shell using a wall mount, as well as the possibility of installation on furniture cabinets. There are even suspended models of washbasins, with a modest and convenient design.

Sometimes, sometimes that such washbasins are enormous and look very bulky, but their size is not so large, double washbasin is designed to make it install in a standard bathroom. In general, the sizes of such washbasins are always standard, with the exception of rare cases when washbasins are produced under an individual order.

In stylistic terms, a double washbasin goes well with the interior in the spirit of minimalism or high-tech. Successfully combined with the environment in the Japanese style. However, if you want to emphasize the classic, retro or country style in the room, you should opt for single shell models.

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