Let the external walls be processed excellently and win -win in your house, but dampness will appear over time, despite protection against moisture, it can pass through the holes between the wall and the window or door.

Suddenly the water falls on the wooden structure of your house, then the frame will be rotten, and it will end more than deplorable. There will be mold inside. The front part will be ugly: the wood will begin to exfoliate, and the paint will swell. In order to dodge the consequences of such a terrible, indispensable tool, the drainage of the frame will be carried out.

The drainage will be for the home, like Achilles for Troy, even in the most powerful rain. Waterproofing for the roof is no less important than for walls. Drainage for a cozy dwelling can consist of such materials as: building cardboard, windproof film, special coatings and foam.

You must not allow the drainage to break or crack. It will be Achilles Feet of your home. A waterproof key is an excellent remedy for processing in such cases, is also perfect for joints and angles of other unprotected places. Next, you should disassemble the quality of materials for drainage to choose drainage.

Construction cardboard or, popularly – roofing ground. Since childhood, we are familiar with roofing material, but few people know that it is airy and moisture permeable and has the so -called pores, which, in turn, produce water vapor. The weight of construction cardboard can be diverse, for example, the roofing material, which we are talking about, weighs an average of 6 kilograms.

Plastic (it is from it that a second drainage material is prepared) has a windproof film. It is attached to products made of wood or foam, while any cut holes for doors or windows, or joints should be thoroughly isolated. Naturally, the film does not miss either air or water, but perfectly removes water vapor.

Material made of processed wood and having only 3 millimeters in thickness also perfectly protects from moisture and air. It is called a special coating. In addition, it is used not only for waterproofing, but also for facing the inside of the house.

Any professional finisher will say that the last isolation in our list is operated as facing the insides of the house, but this does not mean that the hard foam coating is the worst tool for drainage. It will not give moisture and air to get into your house no worse than others. The brand of this coating depends precisely on the quality that interests you.

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