Eco-kitchen or how to make "Green" Update in your kitchen

Eco-kitchen or how to make "Green" Update in your kitchen

In the industry of goods and construction, it has been popular to do everything lately "Green". And when we say this word, we mean not color, but a tendency to environmentally friendly. These are not just a tribute to trends, it is the modernity and requirements of the innovative world and its new needs. And good, probably, that healthy ecology has become fashionable.

First of all, think about your needs. Do you need a refrigerator that can store 12 different banks for barbecue sauce, 8 options for salad dressing and 14 containers with food remnants? How much microwave do you need and will you need at least once its defrosting function of a 10-kilogram turkey? In other words, we want to say that you should start changes in your kitchen in the green side with the right choice of household appliances. There are special energy -saving devices, but before overpaying for them, think about whether the smaller refrigerator itself will consume less electricity?

Of course, energy efficiency is not the only factor in the eco-friendly style. Your health and health of your family should take up the head of the decision to make your kitchen more "Green". Choose the materials of kitchen sets that do not emit toxic substances and are as natural as possible. We understand that the kitchens from the array will cost a little more than the kitchens made of plastic, but you will be sure that the tree will not pollute the air in the room with toxins. Now, many manufacturers say that the MDF and other economy class materials are environmentally friendly and this is almost true. The fact is that in production, one way or another, additives, adhesives and other chemistry are used. This, in general, is really harmless components in small doses (if the manufacturer is good), but within the framework "Green" Concept all materials should be completely natural to avoid even the slightest chemicals in the air.

Stylish kitchens to order in Moscow make a company "The kitchens of your style", whose masters have good reviews and a large catalog of work. Among all kinds of options, you can be offered environmentally friendly kitchens from an array.

What is the best way to start making your kitchen more eco-fights right now? According to Forbes magazine, for example, it is best to start with kitchen appliances. It is worth starting to consider a technique that consumes less electricity and generally belongs to the categories of goods with icons "Eco". IVF implies not only energy consumption, but also the use of processed materials and materials that can be processed in the future. You wanted innovation? Look for induction plates on the market that significantly save electricity, new dishwashers, microwave ovens, oven and other characteristics with the same characteristics.

When choosing a kitchen set, monitor the content of formaldehyde in the materials. It is not to be there to be there. DSP, MDF, OSB are considered powerful sources of this chemical compound. You knew that there is chronic poisoning by formaldehyde, when there are constantly many in the apartments. Symptoms – depression, loss of strength, pallor, headache, sometimes cramps at night. It affects the central nervous system, respiratory system, skin, reproductive organs. Maybe in one closet, formaldehyde is not enough, but when your entire apartment is forced by chipboard furniture, the emissions are large. In the countertop there should be few (preferably zero) volatile organic compounds.

Be sure to install ventilation and hood. This is very important in your kitchen to provide air. Of course, the equipment will undermine energy efficiency, but health is more important.

And remember, do not shoot on the moon. It’s hard just to take and remake your entire house for eco-standards. And expensive. In addition to the fact that this requires material and physical efforts, you will need changes in psychology. Therefore, if you strive for movement in this direction, then do it with small translational steps – as wide as you are comfortable. Maybe the first step will be just a purchase of eco-products, then a new more environmentally friendly kitchen utensils, and then you get involved. Portal Project Rosten wishes you success on the way to the perfect eco-kitchen!

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