Facial acupuncture in Chicago: advantages of the procedure

Facial acupuncture in Chicago: advantages of the procedure

Some of our compatriots specifically go abroad for medical tourism. Immigrants also require cosmetic procedures – more and more. The question arises: what to choose to care for the oldest person? Abroad, especially in the USA, cosmetology is developed, and for a single problem they offer many solutions.

If you are a fan of traditional medicine, there is no question of choice. It is also absent in another case – if you are interested in eastern medical practices, in particular, Chinese medicine. Your choice is facial acupuncture in Chicago, that is, facial acupuncture.

Features and benefits of facial acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient branch of Chinese traditional medicine. An alternative name is acupuncture. Using sterile needles, the acupuncturist awakens biologically active points connected to the flow of Qi in the body. Qi is a special energy in Chinese medicine that runs like blood through the finest spiritual channels that permeate the body. In certain places they come to the surface, on the code, and you can work with them.

The facial acupuncture procedure has a beneficial effect on the entire body, because the entire body is connected to the skin. It is the largest organ of the human body and is greatly influenced by internal processes. High-quality acupuncture puts in order not only the face – the liver, kidneys, pancreas, nervous, endocrine, and digestive systems return to their natural balance. Those who have completed a course of acupuncture report a general improvement in their condition and relief from depressive episodes. Of course, the skin itself becomes better: wrinkles are smoothed out, a healthy complexion returns, and collagen production is restored.

Where to do facial acupuncture

A quality acupuncture clinic is a real gem and not easy to find. In Chicago, Vadim Dekhtyar, a certified physician, specialist in psychology, NLP and traditional oriental medicine, is responsible for acupuncture. At his Life Balance clinic, facial acupuncture is performed in courses of 10–15 weeks. There is an express course that lasts two weeks. It is worth repeating the procedures once every six months, but the effect of acupuncture is cumulative, and the period increases over time to 9 months.

Vadim Dekhtyar uses a special acupuncture technique – Mei Zen. It is highly effective, but is not inferior to conventional techniques in safety. An excellent choice for those who want to regain their youth!

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