Features of a corrugated stainless leaf

Features of a corrugated stainless leaf

Currently, in various fields of production and national economy, a stainless sheet is very widely used. Such a product is a sheet stainless steel, on the surface of which rifles are applied (convex elements of various shapes).

A feature of such sheets is that the sale of the product is declared in accordance with GOST and without taking into account the height of the rifles. So that the sizes of the rifles are as consistent with the parameters of the sheet, the standard is introduced, which determines the approximate dimensions of the height of the convex notch to the thickness of the entire product. Thanks to its features, such a sheet is operated in various fields of production and construction.

The corrugated stainless sheet is released with a variety of drawing configuration and various rifle steps. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable products to perform certain tasks. The variety of cutting of the corrugated sheet allows us to maximize the amount of waste arising during the production of these products, as well as during its operation.

A stainless leaf with rifles has a number of competitive advantages compared to the usual smooth sheet. Such a product prevents sliding, has increased wear resistance, well opposes external aggressive influences and excludes the formation of corrosion on the surface, has absolute hygiene, long -term operation, requires minimal care along with an attractive appearance, which gives a special aesthetics to the object.

As the main consumer properties of stainless corrugated sheet, it is necessary to specify the super -strength surface, which prevents sliding. Thanks to this, such a product is very widely used in everyday life and industrial production.

Calse sheets are used in the process of manufacturing staircases of various purposes, which are operated in the open air, for the manufacture of flooring in baths, pools, and other rooms in which high humidity or water is present, as a cover of floors and walls in the production facilities of chemical and foods industry.

In addition, steps in public transport, decorative and protective elements for heating radiators are made from such sheets, plaster reinforcement is carried out.

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