Features of the construction of the bath

Features of the construction of the bath

Currently, almost every owner of a private or suburban area, if there is a sufficient area, wants to build a bathhouse. After such a decision is made, it is necessary to move on to the choice of option to build a bathhouse.

At this stage, you should decide whether the bathhouse will be an independent separate building, or whether it will be necessary to allocate a room in a finished structure for its arrangement. Since the projects of baths with a pool are very diverse, you can build a separate bath in several ways, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The bath may have a log house. As a rule, baths of this type are built in private households or for use for commercial purposes. Felled constructions are environmentally friendly and not expensive. If the project of such a bath is completed at a high professional level, and construction work has been performed at a high level, then the log house can last more than a century. Typically, log houses fit very well into any architectural ensembles, and in themselves they can accommodate the Russian and Finnish bath, sauna and pool.

As minor disadvantages of this option, the need to use well -dried and carefully selected wood should be called. In addition, operating the log house, special attention should be paid to the quality of the heating and ventilation systems. Their work should be very effective so that there is no increased humidity in the room.

You can place a bathhouse in the capital structure. In it you can place a bathhouse of any type, with a pool and without it. During the construction of the building of the bath complex, the requirements of all construction rules and norms should be strictly observed. But recently, baths built by a frame or riser-beam method have become very popular.

Such a technology is sometimes called Canadian. Baths built in this way have the lowest cost, short terms of construction work with high quality characteristics of the structure. The use of this method of building a bath makes it possible to embody various architectural forms and solutions, and allows you to select the most suitable projects and options for external and interior decoration. Baths built by the frame method have excellent heat -saving properties.

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