For those who dream of economical and environmentally friendly housing, aerated concrete is the best option for construction

For those who dream of economical and environmentally friendly housing, aerated concrete is the best option for construction

As experts calculated, 40% of the total of aerated concrete produced in Russia is produced in the Central Federal District. For far from the first year, plants such as the Lipetsk plant of silicate products and the Lipetsk housebuilding plant have been successfully working here. More recently, a new line of serial production of cellular concrete of autoclave hardening was launched in the suburbs – at the Dmitrovsky factory of aerated concrete product. Construction of a new enterprise, the volume of investments in which amounted to 3 billion. 300 million. rubles, began in 2008. The complex occupies an area of ​​8 hectares and is located next to the Industrial Park “Podosinka”, which is 40 km from the Moscow Ring Road. The line is intended for the release of aerated concrete of the famous Aerostone brand (Aerostone), which is planned to be implemented mainly in the construction markets of the central region.

Today, to buy autoclave cellular concrete, not only construction companies that build low -rise housing and other facilities in the center of the country, but also developers working in other regions. This year a new enterprise opened in the Volgograd region. The GBZ-1 plant in Volzhsky uses technologies and will work on the equipment of the German company Wehrhahn. As the governor of the region Anatoly Brovko said at the opening of the enterprise, production will not only provide the construction sites of the region with its own materials, but also provide the population with new jobs, and will also become an impetus for the further development of the construction industry and investment policy of the region.

The new plant producing aerated concrete blocks was opened in Sayansk. The performance of the enterprise, the construction of which was invested 900 million. rubles – up to 1, 08 thousand. cube. m of products per day. It is noteworthy that for the manufacture of aerated concrete blocks, own raw materials are used, in particular, sand from the Arzama field, as well as such components as gypsum, lime, cement, aluminum paste. While the automated line does not work at full capacity: at the moment, autoclave stoves per day produce up to 360 cubic meters. m of products. It is expected that in the first quarter of the next, 2012, another autoclave will be commissioned, after which the productivity of the plant will increase to 540 cubic meters. m. Andrei Safronov, chief engineer of Sayanskgazobaton, said that ash and slag are not used in the production of autoclave blocks, so the final product is safe and environmentally friendly. Another important distinguishing feature of the plant in Sayansk is an affordable cost: 1 cubic meter of blocks, the density of which is 600 kg/cube. m, will cost the buyer 3, 5 thousand rubles. This allows the Sayan product to compete with such cheap material as foam blocks, the price of which attracts many consumers.

The construction of a gas concrete production plant will begin in the following, 2012, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This was announced by the First Deputy General Director of Rosstroy Mikhail Gololobov. The products of the enterprise-environmentally friendly and safe-will help to implement in the region of low-rise construction programs using “green” standards and the teachings of Feng Shui. Therefore, it is not surprising that the investors of the object are Chinese businessmen. After the project “Construction on Sakhalin of the Estritus Production Plant” was represented in Beijing, it aroused great interest among representatives of local business. First of all, potential investors were interested in the latest environmentally friendly technologies and materials that are planned to be used to build housing.

It is expected that in a year the plant will be able to supply Sakhalin to the construction sites of Sakhalin today, which is especially in demand in the segment of low -rise buildings. Aerated concrete blocks, like foam blocks, belong to the number of cellular concrete, but, unlike the latter, are produced by the autoclave method, therefore they are particularly durable and durable. But, at the same time, they have a slight weight and optimal thermal conductivity, which allows you to build a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly house.

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