Fountain on its site. How to do it?

Fountain on its site. How to do it?

Want to add a relaxing sound of running water to your house or garden without spending a lot of money? This leadership will teach you the main steps to create a unique home fountain with your own hands. Depending on your budget and imagination, you will get the opportunity to create a personal fountain with your own hands. Steps.

one. Planning.

Decide where you want to place the fountain, how large it will be and how exactly you imagine it. These factors will influence what materials you will need.

– Your fountain will consist of three main elements: water tank, water pump and designer lotions (visual parts)

– The place should have easy access to an electric outlet (you can install an unobtrusive extension cord, the main thing is to provide power supply)

– The style depends on you. Choose what will look good with the existing landscape design and match your personal tastes.

2. Find the materials.

– Reservoir (water tank). It can be any type of waterproof container. You can even decorate something from unnecessary things, like an old bath or tank, etc. P. If you are going to dispose of it in the ground, then we are not talking about the appearance of this reservoir at all, only about its external part. If the container is located outside, then it must be considered a combination with other design elements. The main thing is that this structure can withstand water.

– Water pump. Pumps can be purchased in any stores with goods for repair and construction. You need a pump with sufficient power (measuring gallons per second) to provide your fountain with water supply. You can consult a seller in a store or specialist who will help you choose a pump not only true, but also suitable for the style of your fountain.

– Pipes and tubes. These elements will supply water from the reservoir (water tank) to the upper part of the fountain. Some water pumps are supplied directly with the tubes, but if not or you need something specific for your project, then you need to purchase them separately. You can choose copper pipes, but rubber will work easier.

– Constructive details. These parts will fully depend on the design that you came up with your project. For decoration, you can buy river stones, sculpture, source material, and so on. By the way, if your source still does not have a hole for starting water, then you will have to drill it and may equip it with some kind of decor.

By the way, if you do not want to engage in construction yourself, you can always hire a company that will do it for you. This applies not only to fountains, but also of other structures on your site. It is enough for you to enter the necessary request in the search engine and voila – there are options. An example is simple, look for turnkey wells in Mozhaisk, so write in the search engine input field. Well, if you still decide that you will do everything yourself, continue to follow the instructions.

3. Collect all parts of your fountain.

– If in your idea part of the fountain is underground, then for starters you need to dig a hole that will comfortably match the water tank (reservoir). Do not forget to leave 5 centimeters for drainage gravel. If you want to hide the power cord, you must dig a trench from the tank to the power point.

– Install the pump in the tank until the water is added orally. Make sure all the pipes and electrical connections are in order and function normally.

– Add design elements. The water pump should remain accessible for commissioning, repairing or cleaning. Create a hole for him or make a design easily collapsible.

– Fill the fountain with clean enough water so that the pump is completely immersed in it. During operation, the pump should be completely in the water.

four. Water adjustment.

Turn on the water pump (set up pressure, if necessary), and also organize all the elements that ensure the return of water to the tank. The appearance of the fountain and the entire supply of water should be organized so that there are no obstacles on the path of falling water.

5. Enjoy your fountain.

Hide all the shortcomings, adjust the mechanisms, finish the design. Enjoy your design.

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