Glazing the balcony with wooden frames

Glazing the balcony with wooden frames

Modern wooden windows are completely different from the designs that were used to install in Soviet times. Today, wood frames are characterized simply by excellent working characteristics.

Advantages of glazing the balcony with wooden frames

With increased resistance to deformation and damage as a result of adverse weather factors, such a glazing of loggias retains environmental friendliness and is absolutely safe for health. Another important advantage of these models can be considered their extraordinary aesthetic attractiveness. The texture of natural wood allows you to perform the design of the balcony in the “summer” style and make it cozy and attractive.

Also, the advantages of such structures include excellent heat -preserving qualities. Firstly, the wood itself has a low heat conductivity indicator. Secondly, modern manufacturers manage such models with very high-quality heater. Due to the fact that the frames are usually made not from a solid piece of wood, but from several, in a special way, the lamella is a very high strength of elements. Modern euro-water from wood can last up to 50 years. Among other things, manufacturers already impregnate the material with special compounds that prevent rotting and reduce the risk of fire.

Some disadvantages of wooden frames

The disadvantages of glazing from wood include primarily the high cost. High -quality modern models cost 2 to 3 times more than ordinary plastic. You can, of course, purchase frames not from glued material, but from whole. But such windows will not last long. Firstly, whole wood is subject to deformation, and secondly to crack. Also, such structures are spoiled with insects and over time can rotate. Especially unreliable models made of pine. In the event that it is decided to glaze the loggia precisely with a design of whole wood, it is better to choose oak, teas or larch, in extreme cases – birch. Another disadvantage of any wooden structures is the need for periodic care. The owners of the loggia will have to correct the varnish coating of the frames from time to time.

Wooden windows can become a real decoration for the loggia. They look unusually presentable and rich. Of course, for glazing it is worth choosing modern high -quality euro -water.

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