How scavengers became a hobby in Alabama

How scavengers became a hobby in Alabama

This hobby is contagious, like picking mushrooms literally and figuratively. But there are also quite a few funny meetings and contacts that “keep in line” and mobilize.

Here is the latest news from the “garbage front”. On the third day I drive along a familiar route, I don’t touch anyone, I don’t pester anyone. At the pass of the road, where there is a border sign for the borders of the suburbs, I see that surveyors are working on the side of the road. Both are middle-aged, tall, with noble gray hair. One is standing at the tripod, the other is examining paper documents, sitting with the car door open. Just in front of him lies an empty plastic bottle. I drive up, cheekily pick it up and strictly ask: “Is this your bottle?” He agrees, humbly takes the bottle and puts it somewhere in the car. At parting, I edify: “But literrer in future.” This is how you clean up America’s roadsides. I don’t understand how the thought of throwing anything out of the car on the go can even come up? Reasoning logically, because if a full bottle was driving in a car, then an empty one would have enough space to continue the trip with a civilized finish.

Let’s move on to the next episode. At the entrance to our mahala, opposite the church, there is a condominium of six spacious two-story typical cottages. They share a large trash can. The entire parking area is clearly visible from the road and they do not shine with cleanliness. Recently, I began to monitor this parking lot. There is less garbage, but the “emissions” continue, and in two or three days I call in for a “clean-up”. This is an introduction to the setting. So, one of these days I return from the “walker” and see how a young black man goes to take out a large white bag into this tank, which has the same bag lying around. The guy drops his bag and leaves. I call out to him and gesture to the bag by the tank, and that it would be necessary, de, to throw it in too. He understands, comes back and throws the bag into the tank. All residents of the condominium are seemingly civilized citizens, but indifferently contemplate their dirty parking lot from the windows. This is “not in the Soviet way.”

The next, slightly comical episode. There was a fire on the main street of my “walkers” – an old stationary house burned down. Among the post-fire rubbish, it is exhibited and on a leg it is large, obviously for export. I examined it and found it fit for parts. Even the tires were not deflated. I decided to take it out and privatize it. I equipped a special, low cargo bike trailer and went to work. I secured the load with rubber straps and everything went smoothly until I drove along the upper road to the house. Then a white guy with earrings in his ears comes out and makes me mansi with his hands. I asked if he wanted to give me something? He went behind the house and brings me … just the same great. Ba?! I put him cross on the cross and on foot, fortunately it was not far away, drove him home. A cursory inspection of the production showed that from two acquisitions it is possible to blind a very systemic large. But on the front wheel of the latter there is a bicycle lock, for which there is no key. You have to either try to open it with an English key or bite the cable in plastic. Here it is, the “prose of life” and the working days of the “fighter” for the cleanliness and order of roadsides in the state of Alabama.

Everything was confirmed, it turned out to be a brand new Next with full depreciation, and the wheel with the lock was not included in the assembly, you can take it to the autopsy …

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