How to choose a circular saw

How to choose a circular saw

How to choose a circular saw

It is difficult to imagine construction work without using a saw. Especially if it is decided to build a gazebo or veranda on your site. You can’t do without it and in production.

And here the circular saw will be an indispensable assistant, for example, the brand Dewalt. How to choose it correctly and what qualities you need to pay close attention?

Purpose and design

The product serves for a saw of almost any kind of wood. With the same success with its help, you can cut plastic and metal products. Thanks to the ability to carry out cuts even at an angle of 45 degrees, such a tool is actively used in construction.

Modern models are equipped with a wide range of functions. The built -in vacuum cleaner is especially convenient, which allows you to keep the workplace clean. The protective casing ensures the absolute safety of working with the tool. This allows you to use the circular saw in everyday life by people not building specialties. Powerful models are widely used in small carpentry industries.

Rules for the choice

First of all, you need to decide on the power. Circular saws are professional and household. They differ from each other in a set of functions and performance.

If you have to carry out a large amount of work and you need to saw not only wood, but also other harder materials, then it is better to choose a professional model. It has great power, engine resource and performance. If it is required to carry out simple carpentry work on a personal area, then the household model is quite suitable. But it must be remembered that it uses wheels smaller in size, and it cannot be made deep cuts. Household saws are cheaper than professional.

For small industries and home use, it is best to purchase desktop products. A good choice will be DWE 7491 Dewalt, which has a great power, which has great power than manual models. The process of work in this case is greatly facilitated, great security is ensured.

Hand saws are cheaper. It is better to purchase them if you need to carry out one -time work. Many modern manual models have an additional device for fixing on the table. This turns them into a semblance of a circular machine.

The final choice depends on the solution to what tasks is put before the saw and on financial capabilities.

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