How to finish walls on loggias

How to finish walls on loggias

Consider some wall decoration options in the loggia

Wall decoration with drywall

If the final decoration of your walls requires increased evenness and smoothness, then drywall is best suited for this. Under it you can hide the insulation for walls and your walls will be ideal for painting and for wallpapers, as well as for applying decorative plaster… The process of wall lining with drywall begins with that. that the frame of metal profiles is previously installed, then the walls are insulated, and then drywall sheets are attached to the frame.

Wall decoration with plastic panels

When plastic panels appeared on the construction market, they turned some concepts related to the decoration indoors. Especially high and dignity, the performance and splendor of this material was appreciated by designers. For those who are used to doing everything with their own hands, plastic panels are especially suitable, as they have a very simple way to install, and there is no need to additionally purchase many additional expensive and complex materials. It is very simple to finish the walls on loggia with plastic panels. To do this, you will need: from the materials – wooden bars (with the size you need to determine in place), screws and dowels for attaching the beam to the walls, plastic panels, well, and guide starting and finish. From the tools – level and plumb line, drill, or perforator, screwdriver, hammer, hacksaw and stapler with brackets. First, the frame of wooden bars is assembled and mounted, after the wall is insulated and the panels themselves are mounted.

Wall decoration with lining

Such finishing material as the lining is known to our masters for a very long time. It is used with great success when decorating walls both a mutual house and in the city when decorating walls in the loggia. It is not at all difficult to finish the walls on the loggia with your own hands. Here, as with plastic panels, you need a wooden frame, then the wall insulation and installation of the lining itself. Thus, a beautiful and reliable wall decoration in the loggia is obtained.


As you can see for wall decoration on loggia, you can use various finishing materials. Some after installation will immediately give the final result, while others will have to be finished additionally, it all depends on what type of material you choose and what overall design of the room you planned. All in your hands.

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