How to increase the balcony or loggia

How to increase the balcony or loggia

Often, balconies and loggias in houses are not as large as we would like. People use these rooms for different purposes, someone stores old things, someone uses to relax, less often loggia or balcony are a separate room. For what purposes the balcony was not intended, there is always not enough space.You can increase the area of ​​loggia or balcony in two ways. The right solution will add large metal structures in the form of a frame, due to this, you can increase the internal space. The first method is the expansion of the balcony by floor. The second way is to make a windowsill.

Remote beams

Installation, installation, and so the removal of beams, the process is very laborious and complex. Of course, it should be entrusted to professionals. Want to expand the balcony and call specialists – few. All these actions, first of all, should be agreed with the management company or housing and communal services. In case of approval of such a redevelopment, you can proceed to action.

The method of remote beams allows you to significantly increase the area of ​​the loggia or balcony. Due to remote glazing, the area above the parapet increases. If glazing is carried out by about 20-30 cm., The increase in the area will be visually noticeable.

Removing the balcony on the floor

If you have chosen this particular method, you should know that the design is brought forward by about 25 cm. The area of ​​the balcony increases not only in parapet, but also on the floor, it is extremely important. At first, the dismantling of the old coating and parapet is carried out, in fact, only one stove remains. After that, with the help of steel SHVELER, the plate is expanded.

To make it clearer, it should be added that it is carried out some kind of feline, but already with a new parapet. The main plus that the customer can independently choose the height of a new parapet. When choosing, the flooring is taken into account. As soon as welding work is carried out, you can proceed to the outer skin of the balcony.

The sheathing is carried out in advance by the selected materials. Usually sheathed with lining, as it is a very practical material that has good thermal insulation. It is best to use pine euro -cargoing. It is very fast and just to work with her. You need to attach the lining with self -tapping screws, and then paint it to your taste. However, this is already the final sheathing, before that you should take care of the insulation of the balcony. It will not take much time, but then on the balcony you can spend a lot of time if desired.

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