How to restore an awning

How to restore an awning

Currently, many are wondering: how to seal an awning? The reasons that the awning has become unusable, or has slight damage, can be different, but in fact everything is not so bad and in order to bring, suppose, your tentrated body body in order, you will most likely need: Construction hair dryer, roller, specialized glue. In the presence of large holes, one glue can not be dispensed with, a thick large needle, strong thread, thick fishing line are needed. Fishing line, like a thread sutured a hole and then glorifies around the entire perimeter of the seam: it turns out reliably and quite decent, and if you try, then almost imperceptibly.

– How to choose glue. To begin with, it is worth noting that glue must be bought in specialized stores: then you at least somehow protect yourself from fakes. Baydar glue is usually used, a tool designed for gluing boats made of rubber. Today is a large selection of various adhesives, for example, “Moment”, “Desmocol”, “Karma”, “Vinciste” and others.

– Surely, in the case when the awning torn, you will contact special reference books or on the Internet. Please pay attention to one important principle: if the damage is large, you must first sew the torn section. Before working with glue, the awning must be treated with acetone for degreasing, only after acetone dries, you can proceed with the sealing. When gluing, avoid folds, otherwise you run the risk of losing a stench patch in the near future of operation of the product.

– After gluing the patch, wait 10-30 minutes and after that start working with a construction hairdryer. It is worth noting that numerous modern adhesive foundations “grab” the product for sure only after mandatory thermal heating. Although, some expensive foreign adhesives are quite used without warming up.

– After the awning is glued, you should not overload the product, the gluing place should not even be bent for at least 24 hours for at least 24 hours. After all the rules are withstanded, the result of the “repair” of the tent will be quite good and it will be able to last for a long time for you. Some experienced experts add hardener to glue (a very small amount) to achieve the best result.

Repair complexity

Surely every person on Earth has faced a common problem of repair, and knows that it is better to entrust this business to professionals. Many people resort to the help of specialized companies and organizations that are engaged in repair work. Usually it costs inexpensively, for example, the cost of repairing an apartment in Moscow varies from its area, but in any case it will be quite affordable money.

But it is worth noting that all repair companies differ from each other and each has its own list of requirements. So some companies work only with their building materials, which means that the customer does not need to run around the construction stores in search of the necessary goods, but most often such a service is very expensive than buying everything by themselves.

There are brigades that calculate the cost of the service for the work provided, which can lead to the fact that employees will artificially stretch the working hours, so it is better to cooperate with firms that pay immediately for the entire apartment, and not for time or individual work. In the modern market in this area, there are a huge number of people who strive to deceive their potential employers and customers, an unfair approach to repair. Therefore, I choose a company for repairs in my apartment, you need to give preference to experienced professionals who do not disappoint the final result.

Based on this, it can be seen that in the process of repair there are many difficulties and nuances that should be taken into account and fulfilled in order to exceed all expectations. In the choice of the company, give preference to professionalism, experience, and affordable price category, and then everything will be at the proper high level.

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