Installation of the cement screed of the floor – part 1 – excavator

Installation of the cement screed of the floor – part 1 – excavator

Installation of the cement screed of the floor – part 1

Before starting work, you need to check the condition of the floor. Then it is necessary to measure horizontal levels around the entire perimeter. To do this, use a device called hydraulicarian, or you can use more modern laser equipment that is installed in the center of the room. After the measurement, you need to compare the distance from the label to the floor, and select the site that is the highest.

Then you need to take the painting cord (or rafter chokes) and hook its end, and the second end it is pulled to the level of the level on the opposite walls. Then the floor floor level is checked. The cord can be freely pulled in any direction.

The cord attaching place is considered to be a reference point for the installation of guides, which are still called “beacons”. For these “beacons” you can take almost any linear material, it should be even. It can be metal rectangular profiles, or pipes (with a diameter of 15 to 32mm), a trimming board, a beam, and you can also use mounting profiles made of drywall.

If you set a screed, the thickness of which is from 20 to 50 mm, then it is recommended to use ceiling profiles (for drywall) as the “beacons”, since they have perfect evenness, have the necessary rigidity, and are resistant to deformation.



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