Interior design of a small apartment

Interior design of a small apartment

Most of our compatriots live in typical serial high -rise buildings of the old layout, which do not differ in the special expanse of premises in apartments. The owners of one -room apartments are especially affected by cramped. But the closest type of housing can be safely called the infamous Khrushchevs with low ceilings, small rooms and tiny kitchens, in which it is impossible to turn around a person. Fortunately, a small apartment does not have to be uncomfortable, because by correctly thought out the interior design, you can make it spacious in every way.

Reconstruction of the premises, especially if it includes redevelopment and demolition of interior partitions, should be carried out by professionals according to a pre-compiled design project. You can order high-quality interior design of a small apartment on the site on the Internet / at the prestige-repair design studio, having received a full-fledged range of services related to an affordable price and as soon as possible and as soon as possible.

First of all, it is necessary to get rid of excesses and interference that block the space, including carpets, massive curtains, a huge number of indoor colors. Of course, you should not completely abandon the details. For example, a massive chandelier hanging in the center of the hall involuntarily focuses on itself, due to which the room no longer seems to the guest so small.

An extremely effective solution is the revision of the functionality of the rooms in the home. The best and spacious room can be converted into the bedroom, while the former bedroom, which has managed to get bored with its tightness, can be converted into an office or a dressing room. By combining the kitchen and a room located next to it, you can get a convenient and fashionable dining room, and when hearing a loggia, make a pantry out of it.

Very often unused angles remain – they can be filled with a corner sofa, a computer table, ebrids and other types of furniture. Visually expanding the space, mirrors help, as well as the use of shades of a light color palette in the decoration of shades. The ceiling should never be darker than the walls, otherwise the room will seem low.

However, you should not do it with them the same color – it will not look in the most beautiful way. To give the apartment even more spaciousness will help the rejection of the central location of the chandelier. It will be more competent to replace them with several local lamps, making the surrounding environment more cozy.

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