Introduction to SRO: Features of the procedure

Introduction to SRO: Features of the procedure

SRO-education, which are called, on the one hand, to improve the quality of services within the industry, and on the other, to minimize possible risks and protect its participants from emerging force majeure as much as possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that membership in specialized SROs is perceived as an indicator of the status of the company and gives a tangible competitive advantage in the market.

Company "Center for the interaction of self -regulatory organizations" offers assistance in finding reliable organizations, and will also provide the possibility of membership in them. The center cooperates only with trusted organizations that have more than 5 years of work in the profile market. The reliability indicator of the SRO is the number of participants, as well as the size of the compensation fund. Solid and reliable organizations include more than 1000 members, and their compensation fund starts with 500 million rubles. Thanks to the solid base of the center, you can choose the most optimal option for the company and discuss favorable conditions for entry into the SRO.

Obtaining membership in the SRO through the center of interaction has a number of preferences before independent entry. Firstly, the Center provides assistance to enter the SRO throughout Russia. It consists in selecting options, documentation and comprehensive consultation. Qualified lawyers accompany the company at all stages of entry into the SRO and help in the execution of all the necessary documents. After receiving membership, the center does not exhaust itself, experienced experts provide legal support in the framework of the annual audit.

Having affiliate benefits, the “Center for the Interaction of Self -Regulated Organizations” may offer more favorable conditions for obtaining membership. Since organizations themselves are prohibited from the stratification of members and the provision of preferential conditions for them, such an option offers great benefits from a financial point of view. Another advantage of cooperation with the center is the reliability of the selected SRO. According to the current legislation, unscrupulous SROs are subject to closing an extrajudicial manner. This, accordingly, deprives all members of the organization of professional admission. The center conducts a thorough check of each SRO for a number of criteria, this allows you to identify unreliable formations and significantly reduce the risks of interaction with them.

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