Is the external wiring in the apartment appropriate?

Is the external wiring in the apartment appropriate?

Conducting electric wiring in an apartment or country house, this is one of the most important components of repair work. Almost everything depends on the quality of the laid wiring. First, let’s figure out what it happens, namely:



Both types of wiring have their own privileges. Often, it turns out that in most cases you no longer need to make a choice. In brick or concrete multi -storey buildings, hidden wiring is mainly used. Most often, external wiring is laid in private houses with wood walls. It is no secret that hidden wiring looks much more elegant than external. In turn, external wiring is very easily replaced.

Hidden electric wiring is laid under plaster or in monolithic pipe from plastic. Its compounds and branches are hidden in the so -called boxes, which are also mounted in the wall from human eyes. From the point of aesthetics – this is what you need. But in general, the method of laying electrical wiring is directly dependent on the material of the walls, as well as the characteristics of the stability of the wire.

Often, even apartments in Moscow have exclusively external wiring, since this is exactly what can be easily fixed. In hidden wiring there is a single, but significant minus – this is the difficulty of replacing it. In the event that internal wiring is malfunction, it is very difficult to convict a damaged place. Problems in external wiring are easily eliminated, since it can easily find a breakdown on it. The breakdown in external or internal wiring can be corrected by replacing it with a new segment.

The damaged area is determined by electrics specialists using “nicknames”. After which, they find a problem and replace the damaged element with a working. Also, if the hidden wiring is damaged, the residents have to completely update the wall in which it was, namely: apply plaster, as well as re -paint or stick wallpaper.

And so, summing up the results, you can make a significant and positive conclusion about external wiring, namely:

it easily lends itself to repair;

you can easily change the location of the switches and outlets.

In order to prevent external wiring in the eyes, it is placed in plastic channels for the cable. Their color is selected accordingly glued wallpaper or rolling on the walls. Whether to dwell on the choice of external wiring in an ordinary apartment is to decide only you.

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