Ispmanager: concept, capabilities, main advantages

Ispmanager: concept, capabilities, main advantages

Today you won’t get far without specialized software. The work of an online store or personal blog becomes clearer and easier if you use the right software. The control panel for web is best suited for managing websites. And Ispmanager is one of the best options available.

Concept and capabilities

Ispmanager is a panel for managing web resources. From it you can manage your websites and servers. It doesn’t matter if you are a website owner, its system administrator, a web developer or even a hosting provider: Ispmanager is useful for everyone!

The interface is made clear and simple. On the left is the menu bar, on the right is the desktop. The browser principle is implemented: each page opens in an independent tab, which allows you to quickly switch between the most necessary positions.

Ispmanager has the widest capabilities. Basic functionality includes:

  • web resource administration;
  • setting up a server for it;
  • differentiation of user rights;
  • automatic creation of backup copies;
  • mail client;
  • free Let’s Encrypt certificates;
  • antivirus;
  • protection against DDoS attacks.

The panel supports all popular CMS, commercial certificates, and different versions of programming languages. The interface language can also be selected. There is a graphical code editor, and you can also download data through a file manager. In general, Ispmanager is universal and extremely functional!


The Ispmanager web panel is an easy way to put your web resources in order. Maximum functionality and flexible settings make it incredibly popular. The service can do almost everything! And if the existing capabilities are not enough, they can be expanded with commercial certificates, additional modules and integrations.

Ispmanager is reliable and efficient. The numbers speak for themselves: more than 20 years of successful work, more than 2 million supported sites in 150 countries around the world! The software is trusted, and it lives up to the trust.

Tariffs are clear and prices are reasonable. And if you want to understand how suitable Ispmanager is for your situation, you can use the free trial period (14 days) or test the demo (the functionality is limited, but the essence is easy to grasp). You won’t have to pay for anything extra!

Ispmanager support is very responsive. It works around the clock – without breaks, holidays, weekends, without regard to time zones. No matter what the problem occurs, support will find a solution.

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