Krascopult – This is a sprayer, a painting gun

Krascopult – This is a sprayer, a painting gun

Productivity in pneumatic spray guns are slightly lower, but they are considered the most common. Spray is carried out thanks to a built -in vacuum cleaner or compressor. It should be noted that according to the technology for creating a certain level of pressure in the closed area, one can distinguish high -pressure span, low, combined or optimized pressure (RP). For example, the first category sprayers are characterized by significant savings in sprayed materials due to reduced fogging indicators. In a high -quality apparatus, the air nozzle breaks the mixture into small droplets and forms a stable «torch». It should be noted that at the output of the DUS, standard pressure is 0.7 bar, the transfer coefficient is 65%. Modern technologies raise this parameter to 70-90%.

High pressure spray guns are the most traditional painting tool, which is gradually replaced by its combined brother. New optimized pressure devices significantly win the speed of applying mixtures to the surface. In addition, they allow you to achieve the finish coating of high quality and class. For such pistols, a minimum of compressed air is needed, which can significantly save on the purchase of a powerful compressor, since it will be enough to buy a compressor with low performance. The main technical characteristics of the spray guns are as follows: possible equipment with nozzles, air consumption (l/min), coefficient of use of paint and varnishes, tank volume, pressure, weight. Spoals are divided into electric and manual. Despite the fact that electrical spray guns are preferable, manual tools are more affordable in cost. It should be noted that the painting household pistols have small dimensions. Among the leading manufacturers of this kind of equipment can be allocated by Walmec, Sata, Devilbiss, Iwata. Companies of the so -called second echelon include Sharpe, GAV, BINS, PRACTIKA, SAGOLA, as well as a number of others. Competitive rather serious struggle led to the fact that each individual manufacturer is trying to bring additional advantages and innovations to their developments. For example, WalMec in the kit supplies a transport plastic suitcase with a spray gun, as well as a set of accessories for maintenance. Also on the modern market today you can find special sparlets for dense types of mixtures, for example, for liquid putty. When buying a paint pistol, pay special attention to the material from which a tank is made, which can be aluminum, plastic or nylon. In addition, remember that it is necessary that the case is processed by chrome or chemical nickeling, otherwise the device will not last you even a year. The nozzle cover can be made of brass or aluminum, but the inner nozzle is desirable so that it is created only from stainless steel. The second important factor is the presence of a trigger spring, do not forget to press the trigger several times to feel how reliable the spring. Sealing gaskets, as a rule, are created for pneumatic pistols from material, which are strokes to the effects of aggressive media – high -strength rubber and Teflon. The spray gun can constructively have a lower or upper tank – in this case there are no fundamental differences, the only thing that devices with the upper tank are slightly better balanced by weight. In addition, it is desirable that the spray gun is equipped with a pressure manometer with a pressure regulator, if you have stopped your choice on a high pressure apparatus.

The rules for caring for a paint pistol are extremely simple. Remember that it is necessary to disassemble and rinse the gun after each use, that it should be protected from mechanical damage, do not forget to take care of the timely change of gaskets, use only special devices to clean the nozzle to clean the nozzle. Manufacturers, subject to all rules, guarantee non-failure work of the spray gun for five to seven years. You will need interchangeable sets of air heads, doz, needles over time. Try to purchase only high -quality components. There is another type of spray – Small volume airbrises and mini-paints for processing small local areas, design and drawing. Data sprayers distinguish small weight and high ergonomics. The spray gun is one of the pleasant innovations that significantly expand your capabilities. Remember that when carrying out any painting work, it is necessary to use protective equipment – masks and respirators.

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