Laying cork parquet floors and coating

Laying cork parquet floors and coating

Today there are a huge number of various types of parquet coating, which are distinguished by texture and texture of the material. A particularly valuable flooring is a cork, often laid when turnkey buildings are being built. In order for with your own hands to lay a parquet with a cork material correctly, you should know what it consists of.

The floating corkeve parquet is made of three or two -layer boards, it is the basis of MDF or CDF plates, with a cork veneer glued on them.

The front surface of the veneer from the cork is covered with special elastic varnish. This is done so that the cork is not deformed under the influence of large loads.

It is worth noting that elastic varnish is able to stretch within large limits, while not cracking during the deflections of a cork veneer. Because of this, the surface of the described cork parquet constantly remains attractive and the whole.

There are options for covering the upper part of the facial layer for parquet, but they are used much less often. Cork parquet is made in the form of boards of different widths and has special locks for reliable docking. Such a coating can only be laid on an even base, you should carefully ensure that gluing is reliably carried out.


The advantages of cork parquet are different, among them it is worth highlighting that the parquet is not electrified, and also does not cause allergies, is not amenable to the negative effects of rotting, not to the taste of rodents, resistant to mold, and does not support burning. The cork coating has unique properties, the totality of which significantly distinguishes it from other flooring.

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Parquet – a representative of the flooring, which is made of natural material – wood.

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