Laying tiles diagonally – advantages and disadvantages

Laying tiles diagonally – advantages and disadvantages

First you need to dwell on when it is better to choose the tile. And then it will already be possible to consider how it can be laid with your own hands and get a diagonal pattern.

So, we make a choice on the tile if you have a very spacious room, and the diagonal pattern will increase it many times more. For some reasons, such a drawing does not help in small rooms, since the main part of the small room is designed for furniture, and the tile closes almost the whole.

Also, the diagonal pattern is simply ideal for those rooms where the walls are not even or not perpendicular. Such a pattern of tiles will help to align them.  Such a tile also looks more aesthetic and beautiful. They look more attractive than other tiles that lie the seam in the seam or even in the run.

Before you start laying tiles with a diagonal pattern, you must be completely confident in your abilities and your capabilities. If there is no such confidence, then you can contact specialists and consultants. They will help make the right choice of tiles and tell you how to properly lay this pattern.

As for expenses, they are a little more, in a diagonal pattern than from laying a regular. Therefore, for repair with a limited budget, such a drawing is better not to choose.

If the floors are not even and it is better not to make a screed on them, then such a drawing will not work. For him you need to have perfectly even floors.  If the floor is not very even, then the diagonal pattern will turn out not neat and not even. It will look much worse.

If the choice is made and a diagonal pattern is chosen for a bath or kitchen, then the first thing you need to think about is what you will cut. If the drawing is diagonal, then the seam is greater. Therefore, with horizontal – less. It follows that the tile cutting tool should be larger for a diagonal pattern than horizontal. If such a tool is absent, then the best choice is the Bulgarian. It has almost everyone and is well suited for such cutting tiles.

So, a tile with a diagonal pattern is the right choice. Today it is more and more often chosen by those who have large spacious rooms and the middle budget.

The main thing is to choose the right tile and approach work hard. By making little efforts, get a very good result. Let it be your pride in your guests and family.

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