Lighting of the site

Lighting of the site

The lighting of the personal plot has a number of specific features. The main differences are manifested at the stage of laying communications. Thorough preparation and very reliable isolation is necessary, capable of protecting from temperature changes and humidity. The placed lamps should also be waterproof and withstand the features of the climate of this area. It is safer to install lamps with a slight voltage. In addition, these will last longer.

In addition to the practicality of outdoor lighting, it is also used for decorative purposes. Garden ground lamps are able to create a fabulous atmosphere on your site by point highlighting individual plants, flower beds, as well as reservoirs.

The endless variety of lamps is reduced to several groups: built -in, spectacular, classic, spherical, columns, road, reflected light.

Classic lamps are also called park. Their design is similar to lamps used to light squares and parks. They are characterized by a strong blinding effect due to the design features.

Spherical lamps have the shape of a ball. The flow of light is evenly distributed in all directions, but also has a high blinding effect.

Columns or bollards often find a place in the territories of suburban possessions. Their height varies in the interval from 0.5 to 1 m. They also strongly blind the observer. Bollards are often equipped with reflectors of various kinds, which ensures the direction of the light flow in the right direction.

The lamps of the reflected light (otherwise indirects) distribute the light flow to the bottom. This reduces the blinding effect and creates uniform distribution of light. Indications are large in size and high power of the pouring color, which makes them not very convenient for use in private areas. They are more suitable for lighting car parking, or city parks.

Road lamps were specially designed for lighting roads and adjacent zones. Due to their design, the light flow is directed strictly down, which significantly reduces the blinding effect.

Spectacular lamps are used to create drawings on the walls of buildings and structures. Their design makes light flows directed.

Summing up, we can say that the correct organization of decorative lighting will allow you to enjoy the pastime on the site in the evening and at night.

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