To date, rarely in private houses, they use fireplaces for its intended purpose, that is, to heat rooms. Now, fireplaces are used as a decorative element, when decorating a house. Therefore, the process of facing the fireplace should be paid to special attention. Perhaps even more than the interior decoration of the whole house. Of course, now in the building materials market there are a huge number of a wide variety of models of ready -made fireplaces and barbecue, which have an external decoration. But it is more profitable, of course, to build a fireplace yourself, and to perform its cladding.

There are many different ways of decorating fireplaces or furnaces that are popular among lovers of beautifully decorated rooms. This is a cladding using a variety of materials, such as natural stone, ceramic tiles, rare wood rocks. They can be of different colors, shades, and with their help you can clad the fireplace so that it will correspond to any design decision, whether it be Artdeco or Country. For high -quality cladding, good heat -resistant glue is necessary. Such glue is designed specifically for the decoration of fireplaces or furnaces, and is suitable for any surfaces. It is used for both internal and external finishing work.

A great option is the construction of a fireplace, and its further cladding using a new technology called graffito. With its help, you can perfectly imitate a variety of shades and textures of materials such as natural stone, marble tiles, wood. That is, you will not have to buy materials separately. This is a very convenient way that is becoming more and more popular in our country. In addition, it has long been successfully used in the States and European countries.

This technology is carried out using a special textured coating. This is a unique material that is used in various fields, and there is a separate mixture intended specifically for fireplace decoration. Graffito is a viscous, plastic solution that is prepared on the basis of white cement. Thanks to this material, it becomes possible to give the fireplace a three -dimensional type of any material, to choose from. This can be an imitation of ceramic granite, ceramic tiles, laminate, silicate brick, facing brick and so on. Apply such material in a raw state, on any type of fireplace surface.

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