Metal delivery to the reception points: benefit for yourself and industry

Metal delivery to the reception points: benefit for yourself and industry

The collection and delivery of non -ferrous metals in the days of the USSR was a duty for all schoolchildren and pioneers. In those years, more emphasis was on the ideological component. And today – on economic incentives. The most valuable resource today is the scrap of copper, found everywhere. The list of its obvious advantages include the following facts:

ease of detection;

simplicity of collecting;

ease of sorting and processing;

low processing price of 1 ton;

demand in the market;



Thanks to these qualities, such a resource allows you to get the maximum result with minimal time and effort expenses. All this makes us actively invest in expanding the network of procurement points. Find the necessary resource for any person will not be difficult. It will be enough to look in the garage where it is easy to find a long -working equipment or details. At home, you can find non -working or broken kitchen utensils.

Benefit for yourself and industry

Any officially operating point of reception of non -ferrous metals has the necessary permits. This fact guarantees that all technologies are strictly observed here. The scrap handed up will be properly assembled, sorted and sent for processing. Even before the premises of the procurement point, you can independently find out the cost of scrap. To do this, just correctly determine its type:

Ridiculous – this is the cheapest look. In most cases, scrap has traces of third -party pollution or oxidation.

Kuskoye – more expensive option. According to the technical regulations, there may be a small trace of oxidation or minimum firing.

Shiny – the most expensive type of colored scrap. This includes all kinds of cables, wires. The main requirement for attributing scrap to this category is cleanliness. The presence of even the slightest pollutants is not allowed.

By handing over the scrap of non -ferrous metals, you can solve several problems at once. Firstly, completely unnecessary things for you allow you to get a good income for you. Secondly, the negative impact on the environment decreases. Thirdly, the secondary raw material is given the necessary material for the further operation of the metallurgical industry. Когда снижается себестоимость первоначального сырья, идентично таким же образом ведет себе себестоимость готовой продукции.

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