Mineral wool and its benefit

Mineral wool and its benefit

Mineral wool is a building material that is used for thermal insulation. It is carried out artificially using melts of erupted rocks, slag or glass. In the process of manufacturing, the material is formed, giving it density and furry corresponding to one or another purpose.  The final product can be delivered in free form, both a bunch of fluffy material and in the form of puff blanket, such as the heat-insulating plates of the PS-200. There are specially formed pieces of mineral wool for pipes, and for private projects they often order a product according to specific parameters.

Why mineral wool is useful for isolation? Mineral wool of fire -resistant and it can be installed as fire protection or creating fire -resistant barriers in structures that contain combustible materials. In addition, mineral wool blocks provide good soundproofing, which is used in different cases, including to limit noise at factory workshops. Thermal insulation from mineral wool is also useful for monitoring the temperature difference in buildings where there are various media with its own heating and cooling.

The free form of mineral wool can be used to fill the voids in the walls and other structures to ensure isolation. Mineral wool in the form of blankets is installed as well as other forms of sheet insulation. Such mineral wool can also be wrapped around objects. Specially merged forms of mineral wool can be imposed on pipes or other objects to create a dense insulating barrier to limit heat loss or its transmission.

Mineral wool can be sold in construction stores or in specialized centers, as well as directly from manufacturers. For industrial facilities, contractors often order Vata directly at factories or from wholesalers to reduce costs. Companies that specialize in the installation of isolation can have their own connections with suppliers and therefore, ordering the service, you can not worry about buying the material.

When installing mineral wool, it should be remembered that it is a potential health irritant with direct contact, so it is recommended to use special clothing during operation. Fibers can get on the skin, eyes, lungs and cause discomfort.

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