Non -standard window constructions

Non -standard window constructions

Modern architecture is an individual style combined with huge design capabilities. Structures of the most incredible shapes, unusual jewelry of houses, original designs and unusual materials – all this can be found today on our streets. But an individual approach to construction also requires the development of new structures, including door and window.

Houses with one or more round -round walls are found today more and more often, both in private and multi -storey construction. You can even find structures with a cylindrical or ellipsoid form. And windows for them are designed differently than for standard houses.

Round houses have a lot of advantages over rectangular analogues. Firstly, they are stronger, which is proved by many tests. In addition, in a room with convex walls, it is always brighter and more spacious. Cylindrical buildings are built almost without the use of reinforcement, the height of the buildings can be any – you can build anything, from one -story house to a skyscraper.

The process of erecting rounded structures is much more complicated, and is significantly different from classical approaches in construction. Nevertheless, today you can already find companies offering non -standard plastic windows in Obninsk, Moscow and any other city – this means that such construction is already actively part of our lives.

A window for a convex wall can be familiar, but its production technology will still differ significantly from the classical. This is due to the fact that in a rounded house a different wind load on window structures. In addition, static pressure is also significantly different. In production, the frame is strengthened, in accordance with individual calculations and measurements, for each room.

To date, panoramic glazing of buildings is also becoming popular, when huge windows are arranged in the rooms, from floor to ceiling, divided into several segments. Technologically complex production allows you to get reliable designs. Standard corner connectors and reinforced reinforced internal partitions are often used. At the same time, the price of the windows includes: assessment of technology and work of manufacturers. The number of sections and the size of the window, as a rule, does not have a significant effect on the price of the design.

If there is no way to install rectangular windows, they make their descendant designs. Of course, it is more difficult to technologically make such a window. In this case, it is important to choose flexible, plastic and at the same time durable materials for the window. During the production process, a cold -type roll on rolling machines occurs, the bending radius (minimum) is three profile heights. The cost of equipment on which non-standard windows are produced is high, because of this, the price of finished products increases and the price. However, to the fact that an individual product (windows, PVC doors in Obninsk or another city) are always more expensive, we are already used to.

Properly made non -standard windows have the same characteristics as rectangular analogues. A competent miscalculation of the geometry of the window in accordance with the geometry of the entire building provides the strength and reliability of the entire window structure. That is why for the manufacture of non -standard windows you should contact solid organizations, despite the fact that many companies can agree to make an unusual window.

There are a lot of restrictions on the parameters of non -standard windows, for example: the length of the opening part of the rounded window should not exceed 120 cm, in the design it is necessary to include special reinforcing elements, use high -quality accessories with certain characteristics. The manufacturer with extensive work experience not only theoretically should know everything that is necessary for the production of a non -standard window, but also in practice to apply various technologies, and therefore can determine all their advantages and disadvantages. So, the rounded parts of professionals usually recommend to make deaf. And when leaving for measurements, experts will be able to give additional recommendations to the customer, depending on the type of structure and the desired result.

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