Office zoning using furniture

Office zoning using furniture

A secret office tacitly can be divided into three different zones.

The first – for negotiations with various representatives.

The second – the cabinets of directors, their deputies and other administration.

The third – directly jobs.

Naturally, each zone requires a different approach to the design and choice of furniture. In fact, everything is simple. Furniture factory VASKO will help to figure it out.

Selection of a place for meetings and negotiations

Everything here should be in the official style. The face of the company is not only its employees, but also its interior. No one will receive creditors or investors in a dusty hall with miserable furniture. For the purpose of maintaining or raising the level of relations with potential customers, you need to use expensive and high -quality furniture. As a rule, it is made from natural materials, such as leather and chipboard. The color palette should be kept no less strictly – brown and black. The presence of glass elements is welcome, but there should not be too many of them. It must be borne in mind that negotiations are rarely underway in private. Usually present from five to ten people. So the furniture must be selected with the calculation for each of them it is comfortable.

Design of the director of the director

He will work there, therefore the interior depends on the customer himself. Typically, high -ranking ranks prefer business style, but if the company has a specially designated place for meetings, and the manager’s office is visited only by himself, then the most daring ideas of the designer is possible here. Nevertheless, the authorities loves himself and chooses high -quality models with great functionality, aging to withstand a single style and color scheme.

How the usual workplace should look like

Only one – its boss stands out in the company. Nevertheless, the rest of the employees, especially those having the same rank, have the same type of furniture. Often they have no personal accounts, so tables of tables with partitions are used. Chairs can be made of synthetic material and not always suitable for the main style of the company. The cabinets are selected, based not from beauty, but from functionality, since they need to accommodate many working materials.

The site of the furniture factory VASKO can help with the arrangement of jobs. The company has something to offer for any of the above categories. VASKO has been on the market for 20 years and is well versed in customer needs.

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