Open layout of engineering networks

Open layout of engineering networks

Engineering networks are laid in different ways. To date, microtonellation is becoming more and more popular, but the open method has its advantages.

Open laying of engineering networks is carried out at a relatively small depth, while you need to carefully study the soil and groundwater. If these conditions are met, then additional preparation and work are optional, which will significantly affect the cost of work in the direction of reducing. However, do not forget that SNiPs and GOSTs are prescribed to use under the construction of a heating main underground laying with monolithic isolated channels on the territory of some structures and buildings.

The laying of engineering networks precedes the development of the project, which is then coordinated, and there are frequent cases when the approval lasts longer than the work itself. After approval of the project, a working team is formed, the necessary equipment is rented, primarily an excavator.

Work on open laying of engineering networks is carried out in three stages. First, a trench of a given width and depth is born. At the second stage, pipes are laid in a finished trench, and on the third – they are landscaping the territory. The scale of the project and the type of territory where work was carried out may require use at the third stage of bulldozers and tractors.

Let’s say a few words about the trenches used in the laying of engineering networks. These machines are digging trenches of different depths and at the same time cut the soil, remove and remove it from the trench. The nature of the work and the type of soil are determined by the working nozzles, which must be used in existing conditions. The trench excavator automates the workflow, which significantly reduces labor costs, and in addition, it belongs to energy -efficient technology, which also affects the total cost of work.

Open laying of engineering networks is perfect for pipelines of high length, in addition, in some cases only this method is possible. In addition, if you compare the prices of the rental of excavators and the highly specialized technique for microneling or horizontal drilling, then it is excavators that turn out to be more profitable. At the same time, work with this method is quite long, the approval of the project, as already noted, can last even longer, and also after completion of work, it is necessary to restore the landscape, sidewalks and the tracks.

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