Overview of new models of chainsaws

Overview of new models of chainsaws

Chainsaws are used not only in the construction and harvesting of firewood and lumber. They are widely used by rescuers when it is necessary to extract people from the destroyed concrete or metal structures, and even some sculptors. Although, of course, the main environment of the use of this tool is economic work.

Like any other technique, chainsaws are constantly being improved, adjusting to the needs of consumers and construction. Below we will talk about some of the latest models of this tool.

Let’s start with the Partner P340S chainsaw, which is used in carpentry, logging and construction work. This model has an activated circuit brake and emergency lock function, which significantly increases the safety of working with it. The device is gently starting, as it is equipped with a high compensation spring, and the saw control is extremely simple and easy due to the small weight and the convenient streamlined case. Tanks for oil and gasoline are on one side, and to get the filter, you just need to remove the screw.

In the same areas, as well as in garden work, you can use the OLEO-MAC 941 C chainsaw belonging to a hobby class. It is equipped with a 2.5 liter engine.With., a two -rolled piston, a nickel cylinder, a forged connecting rod and crankshaft, which guarantee high reliability and productivity of the tool, and the magneto with electronic control provides a minimum physical effort to start. Protective casing, rolling brake and vibration dungeons increase operation safety.

The semi -professional model Husqvarna 240, which has a two -stroke engine with a capacity of 2 liters.With., used to work with wood and trimming of branches and branches of medium thickness. This chainsaw is stable and can cope even with very dense wood species, which largely provides a relatively large weight of the device (about 5 kg). In addition, the model is equipped with replaceable cuts for sawing, which differ in the step of the teeth and length.

The compact and ergonomic chainsaw Makita DCS4610-40 has a four-stroke cylinder engine of 1700 W and a 45 cm engine with a volume of 45 cm. It is used for trimming medium in thickness of branches, sawing young trees, in carpentry and forestry work. A powerful pump provides a smooth and light start, and if the circuit jams during operation, the brake device is triggered. This tool is already called the optimal choice for small farms and cottages.

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