Overview of the Reshetnev company: main areas of activity

Overview of the Reshetnev company: main areas of activity

The Internet, digital television, constant communication with loved ones, convenient navigators in mobile phones and cars, as well as many other digital services – all this has become possible thanks to satellite technologies. One of the leading players in this area is the RESHETNEV company. This is a satellite manufacturer that offers quality solutions on affordable terms of cooperation.

Here, at RESHETNEV, high-tech satellites are produced that connect you to the world. Over the years of its operation, the company has achieved significant success and made an invaluable contribution to the development of satellite technologies.

Main activities

The RESHETNEV company is engaged in the design and construction of satellites, satellite systems and complexes for various purposes:

  • connection;
  • TV;
  • data relay;
  • navigation;
  • geodesy, etc.

In addition to creating satellites, RESHETNEV implements ground control segments that ensure reliable and efficient operation of satellite systems. These segments include ground tracking and control stations, as well as complexes for data processing and transmission.

Spacecraft control

The company manages spacecraft and satellite constellations, ensuring their uninterrupted operation in orbit. This includes monitoring the status of satellites, adjusting their orbits and solving possible technical problems. RESHETNEV is also training personnel to work with satellites. This includes training specialists in the operation and control of spacecraft, which allows for highly qualified maintenance of satellite systems.

Throughout the life of the satellite, the company provides technical support, which guarantees the reliability and long service life of the spacecraft. This includes regular maintenance, diagnostics and repair of satellites. RESHETNEV actively conducts research and development work in the field of space technology. This allows the company to be at the forefront of technology and offer its customers the most modern solutions. To date, RESHETNEV has built more than 1,300 satellites, which indicates the high level of competence and professionalism of the company. These satellites ensure the smooth operation of many of the digital services we use every day.

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