Ozoning will clear the pool –

Ozoning will clear the pool –

In modern swimming pools today, the so -called ozoning is considered the most optimal way to clean and disinfect water. In recent years, ozonators for pools have been quite successfully replacing the usual chlorination known to everyone.

The activity of the current pools is quite high, and the time for its prevention is often not enough. In the absence of systematic recirculation of filters and water, all those substances that pollute the pools are accumulated in huge concentrations. In this case, installing water ozonation will help get rid of this problem.

As a result, the water begins to stagnate. At the same time, mucus begins to form at the bottom of the bowl of the pools and walls. In this case, a large amount of bacteria begins to multiply intensively. This all provokes the danger of infection with all kinds of skin diseases and fungal dangerous infections.

The most effective disinfection for water is disinfection using ozonators for pools. Similar attitudes are carried out in industrial conditions, and in large quantities and with different power. When choosing power with the types of ozonators for pools, you need to take into account all the design features of these structures – that is, filtration systems with sizes, as well as the location and number of those nozzles that serve fully clean water.

It is worth noting that ozone is significantly different from the traditionally used bromine and chlorine-containing quality substances. After a certain processing of ozone, it is actually completely destroyed and at the same time turns into oxygen. At the same time, the water in the pool becomes completely transparent, as well as clean and fresh. When ozoning, calcium salts never appear. Multiple experiments have proved that modern ozonators clean and disinfect water much faster than traditional methods. In addition, the appearance of other splitting products that necessarily appear when using chemicals as bromine and chlorine are excluded. In this option, equipment for filtering the pool is simply necessary.

Ozone decomposes various pollution and turns them into insoluble substances, and at the same time increases the effect of biofilters to cleanse water. Ozonation does not harm human health when it is used in modern swimming pools.

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