Painted doors and their advantages

Painted doors and their advantages

Painted doors differ from other number of advantages. Firstly, complete hygiene. After all, it is not in vain that the painted interior doors are installed today in most camps, medical institutions and in all kindergartens. Of course, the white door leaf does not look quite aesthetically pleasing, but this surface is very easily washed by any detergent or special disinfectants.

Secondly, you are not limited in choosing color for your doors. I like blue – paint in blue, white – in white, interior in green colors – please make doors in a green style or make them colorful at all. Various types of drawings look perfectly on painted doors, even if they are made of ordinary adhesive tape, but it is better, of course, if all the same colors are drawn by the same colors. Today, in fashion to create optical illusions on such doors, for example, a continuation of the room, a window on the street, a staircase to the sky, etc.D. In a word, painted doors are a great opportunity to realize oneself as a designer.

Another visible and, perhaps, the most important advantage of painted doors is their low cost. For painting, as a rule, canvases made of ordinary pine trees are offered only of good quality. Such a door and perfectly performs the basic functions assigned to it and at the same time costs a person at times cheaper than the same phylene doors, for example.

The next significant advantage of wooden interior doors is the ease of installation and the possibility of annual changes in the design. If, for example, you changed your fittings on the doors and ruined a little appearance of the doors, they can always be quickly repaired with sandpaper, plaster and paint. And everything is ready – the door is again like a new. If you have changed the interior and design of the room, along with this you can always choose a new color for your door, staining it in the right one or another.

Among other things, painted doors perfectly tolerate temperature changes and high humidity, and therefore they are perfect for installation in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

It is thanks to all the qualities and properties described above, as well as many others, painted interior doors have been in fashion for several hundred years and are in demand. People who make a choice in favor of these doors are always satisfied with them. In addition, most specialized institutions that make bets on painted doors are satisfied with this choice.

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